10 inch Figures

Toy Biz realized early on that they could sell 10" versions of existing figures and recoup sculpting costs. What was even more ideal for them was that this is the actual sculpted size for most of their figures; during production the sculpts are shrunken down to 5" through a process know as "pantographing". While there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the choices, this practice continues today, so even more version could possibly show up as Kay-Bee Toys, where most of these have landed. My favorite (and the only unique 10" version) is the goofy blue and yellow one at top. It has translucent arms and legs, and silver hightlights. It's just a repainted Space Armor sculpt though.

One of the last ones to hit the shelves was this bizarre fellow. He is a War Machine repainted in Iron Man's traditional colors (and he's the first Toy Biz Iron Man to have the gold areas painted correctly and not yellow). But what makes him extra special is that space-age sparkly gun/blaster/thing. You go, Iron Man!

Shown below are a few packging samples. While the first figures were released in unique packaging, the line quickly turned to generic packaging for each assortment, which featured many disparate characters, not just Iron Man.

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