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  • Tomy released the red and yellow Light Cycle in 1981 for the Tron action figure line
  • In 2002, NECA re-released the red and yellow light cycle, and added a blue one. These NECA cycles included black plastic figures - the yellow came with Tron, the red with Sark, and the blue with Flynn.
  • The cover flips up to seat one figure
  • The cycles are clearly marked either Tomy or NECA above the rear wheel - on the picture above, the blue cycle is the only NECA one
  • Each cycle included a rip-cord which was used on the back wheel
  • The rip-cord action works great on these toys - they really get going fast
  • The modern rip-cords do work on the vintage cycles, and vice versa; the company names (NECA and Tomy) are clearly printed on the handle of the rip-cord
  • Rumors have abounded that a blue light cycle was released in the vintage line. These probably stem from the unliscenced Canadian Laser Cycles
Yellow Light Cycle Red Light Cycle

NECA Blue Light Cycle

NECA Yellow Light Cycle

NECA Red Light Cycle

Image credits:
  • Tomy cycles and instruction sheet provided by BOOMBOYZ

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