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RTM Presents


October 17, 2002 - Vol. 2, No. 33

~ Welcome to RTMemo
~ Featured This Issue
        - Stan Winston Creatures
        - Two Towers, Assortment One
        - Resident Evil, Series 3
        - Lucifer Bust
        - NECA Year Without a Santa Claus
        - Mr. Graves and Abigail Crane
        - Rogue's Gallery Carnage Bust
        - Snake Eyes Mini Bust
        - Palisades Year Without a Santa Claus
~ News Highlights
~ From the Buzz
~ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz
~ From Art.com
~ Toy Link of the Week
~ Non-Toy Link of the Week

------ Welcome to RTMemo ------

This week is the "Week Without a Santa Claus" - the RTM Spotlight featured four different product lines from two different companies, each based on the memorable Rankin/Bass holiday special, The Year Without a Santa Claus. It feels like Christmas around here, and we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet.

------ Featured This Issue ------

RTM PRO-Files: Stan Winston Creatures
RTM's PRO-Files series continues, with a talk with Stan Winston of Stan Winston Creatures. Take a look behind the scenes with the effects wizard turned toy maker:

Spotlight: Two Towers, Assortment One
You'll have to wait until December 18th to see the movie, but the toys are available now. The RTM Spotlight takes a look at the first assortment of Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers action figures from Toy Biz:

Spotlight: Resident Evil, Series 3
The RTM Spotlight gets up close and personal with the third series of Resident Evil action figures from Palisades Toys:

RTMisc: Lucifer Bust
RTMisc brings you a look at the "Back in Black" Lucifer mini bust, created by Diamond Select Toys exclusively for Tower Records:

Spotlight: NECA Year Without a Santa Claus
The RTM Spotlight begins the countdown to the holiday season with some of NECA's Year Without a Santa Claus items: bean bag toys and ornaments:

Spotlight: Mr. Graves and Abigail Crane
The RTM Spotlight catches a grave robber in the act, by shining a light on Mr. Graves and Abigail Crane, the Living Dead Doll two-pack, exclusive to ClubMez:

RTMisc: Rogue's Gallery Carnage Bust
After a look at the Carnage bust from Diamond Select's Rogue's Gallery series, RTMisc promises to only play nice with our symbiote suits in the future:

RTMisc: Snake Eyes Mini Bust
RTMisc rolls the dice and they come up, you guessed, it, snake eyes! Have a peek at the Snake Eyes from the series of GI Joe mini busts from Palisades Toys:

Spotlight: Palisades Year Without a Santa Claus
The Year Without a Santa Claus continues! The RTM Spotlight shines on the action figures and PVC set from Palisades Toys:

------ News Highlights ------

Dynamic Forces Sneak Peek
Pictures of a few upcoming Dynamic Forces products: a Sgt Fury bust, the life-size Captain America bust, and the massive packaging for the life-size Spider-Man bust:

New Spider-Man Classics Figures
Toy Biz sent press images of the next series of Spider-Man Classics action figures: three Spideys and a new Venom:
And close-up pictures of the Venom figure:

Dale Earnhardt: Outdoor Sportsman
Racing Champions Ertl announces new details about their Dale Earnhardt action figures:

Corgi Classics at Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee will be selling an exclusive Corgi die-cast vehicle this holiday season:

MOTU 20th Anniversary Event
If you are near New York City, you can meet the Four Horsemen at the Times Square Toys'R'Us on the 18th for the Masters of the Universe anniversary celebration:

Simpsons Series 11 Figures
Series 11 is Rainier Wolfcastle, Gil, Blue-Haired Lawyer, Plow King Barney, Kirk Van Houten, and Larry Burns. The playset this time is the Courtroom with Judge Snyder:

Marvel HeroClix Clobberin Time
Clobberin Time is the first expansion for Marvel HeroClix, and it is on the way, in November 2002:

Harvey Comics Mini-Maquettes
Electric Tiki announces the three new mini maquettes in their salute to Harvey Comics: Spooky, Jackie Jokers, and Hot Stuff:

Toy Industry Trade Show Changes in 2003
The Toy Industry Association announces important changes to industry trade show calendar:

Get Toys with Your Cavities
We have spotted several new mail-in toy offers on the boxes of breakfast cereals and snack cakes:

As always, these are just a few of the news highlights from the past week. To see all the news, check the main news index and the latest archives:

------ From the Buzz ------

The Real Skywalker inquires about the Nightmare Before Chrismas re-issues, and NECA answers:

Casimir has pictures of his Unicron statue:

Atomic Marathon has found Dark Angel figures in PA:

Augie started a poll about a Captain America figure line:

(The posts on the Buzz last only a few days, so if you are reading this more than two or three days after this issue of RTMemo was sent out, the posts will likely be gone.)

------ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz ------

TRDouble seeks McFarlane NHL Series 3 variants:

Phil has Mego POTA toys listed on eBay:

------ From Art.com ------

How about a few Dark Angel posters or glossies to go along with your action figures? Art.com has a decent selection for you to ogle:

------ Toy Link of the Week ------

Let's Get Wacky
Let's Get Wacky is an archive of Wacky Wobblers, the bobbing head toys from Funko. In addition to the expected pictures and information about each Wacky Wobbler produced so far, they also have a forum, a few tips for collecting, and pictures of the home office of Funko:

------ Non-Toy Link of the Week ------

Villain Supply
Touted as "your source for everything evil," the Villain Supply is a parody site, offering goods (bads?) for sale such as lairs and bases, henchmen gear, and miscellaneous evil, such as alien greys. Take a break from the horrors of the news on CNN and get a chuckle out of some Austin Powers-type parody evil:

It's been more than a month since I repeated this next link, and judging by the slew of pop-ups I've been getting lately, it is definitely time to repeat it again...

Opt-out of the X-10 Pop-up Ads
Go to this page on the X-10 site to get a cookie for your browser - the cookie will prevent their pop-up ads for a month.

------ In Closing ------

Thank you for subscribing to RTMemo and for reading the Raving Toy Maniac.

(To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please use the "un-sub" function on the RTMemo box found on the front page of RTM, or reply to this email with "unsubscribe RTMemo" in the subject line.)

- the RTM Staff

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