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Back in Black Lucifer Bust

Lucifer Bust

When bad things happen, people often say that it was the work of the devil. Chaos Comics has gone out of business, but Lucifer did not have a hand in it, as he was one of their popular characters, in the Lady Death comic books. Lucifer and Lady Death have had their battles, and at one point, his influence over her turned her into the Lady Demon. As luck would have it, Lady Death's mother was an angel, and with that kind of help on her side, she was able to cast off Lucifer's influence and finally defeat Lucifer.

Diamond Select Toys had created a series of mini busts based on Chaos Comics characters, and had originally created a Lucifer mini bust depicting Lucifer in his traditional red color. That bust was limited to 3000 pieces, with a variant edition of 300 pieces. Tower Records carries this version of Lucifer, the "Back in Black" version, which is limited to 1500 pieces.

Lucifer BustThe Lucifer bust stands about 6.5 inches tall, over 7.5 inches if you count his horns. The spiked pedestal base accounts for about 2.5 inches, making Lucifer himself about four inches, so it makes sense that he likes to count his horns in his height. The base has faces and skulls sculpted into it, along with a few bones for good measure. The paint highlights on parts of the base give it a coppery appearance.

Lucifer is sculpted from the waist up, and is wearing only a necklace and a smile. The necklace has gold highlights, as does the hair clip holding his hair back in a pony tail. His beard is carefully groomed into three points, and the "beard with no mustache" combination makes him look like he is from either Seattle or Lancaster County.

Lucifer Bust

The bust has entirely white eyes, making you wonder if he is Storm's evil older brother. His left hand (and wrist) is red, painted to appear covered in blood, likely from the skull he is holding in both hands. A snake is winding its way through the skull, so don't display this bust near any of your Indiana Jones toys.

Lucifer Bust

The Shiflett Brothers (Jarrod and Brandon) did the sculpting on Lucifer, you may have seen some of their other work on action figures and statues for Moore Creations and Bowen Designs. You can get this bust exclusively at Tower Records stores across the country or via the Tower Records website. It will run you $45.99 USD, but that is cheaper than a bus ticket to Sturgis, South Dakota, and Lucifer is probably safer to gawk at than some of the things you might see there.

Lucifer Bust
See the Big Picture

More Pictures of Lucifer

Lucifer Bust

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