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Living Dead Dolls:
Mr. Graves & Abigail Crane

living dead dolls

One of the biggest successes for Mezco Toyz has been the Living Dead Dolls (LDD), a series of "cute but twisted" baby dolls. To call them "baby dolls" is perhaps a misnomer, because rather than take a nap or wet themselves, these baby dolls would rather bash in your skull.

Created by Ed Long and Damien Glonek, the Living Dead Dolls were originally each made by hand and sold at horror conventions, but are now made in larger quantities and are easier to purchase - no convention needed.

living dead dolls

The Living Dead Dolls are about 10.5 inches tall, and being dolls, have limited articulation: head twist, shoulders, and hips. Each LDD comes packaged in a coffin-shaped box, and each includes a death certificate issued by Ed Long and Damien Glonek. The accessories vary for each LDD, but are usually clever, such as the cake server included in the bride and groom two-pack "Died and Doom." Not only was the cake server bloody, but it also fit into a slot in Died's chest, so that Doom could stab her in the heart with it. Most of the accessories have a little peg, which matches the hole in the palms of the hands of the dolls, so that they can hold their accessories.

living dead dollsMr. Graves & Abigail Crane are a two-pack exclusive to ClubMez, and are limited to 3,000 sets. Unlike the previous ClubMez Living Dead Doll exclusive (Penny), these two are entirely new characters. Penny was a redeco of the Hong Kong exclusive Penny.

Graves and Abigail are packaged in a double-wide coffin with purple liner paper. Their theme is that Mr. Graves is a grave robber who digs up the grave: Abigail Crane, once awakened, is a zombie who feeds on Graves. Their joint death certificate tells the story:

living dead dolls

Full of greed he used to exhume
In search of jewels he entered tombs
He disturbed her grave one dreary night
And she stole his life bite by bite.

Mr. Graves comes with a shovel which has a peg to fit into his palm so that he can be posed holding the shovel. The shovel is painted to appear dirty, as are the knees on Mr. Graves' pants. Mr. Graves is wearing a black velour suit. The jacket closes with two plastic snaps and is a separate piece. His white shirt is sewn onto the pants, the single piece closes in the back with velcro, just like the outfit on Lou Sapphire, from the second series of Living Dead Dolls. To complete his outfit, Mr. Graves has boots, black socks, and a black ribbon as a tie. His shoulder-length black hair is peppered with gray, and his one good eye is bloodshot. (His good eye also glows in the dark, which is something that Mezco traditionally adds to exclusive LDDs.) There's still some life in this cute little grave-robber, as his skin still retains a pinkish tone, unlike Abigail, whose skin is pale white.

Abigail Crane is wearing a simple black dress with lace trim at the neck, wrists, and bottom hem. The dress closes in the back with velcro, and for anyone really curious, she has black underwear painted on. Abigail is not wearing shoes, but she's a zombie, so it's not like her feet getting cold is going to bother her. Her long black hair falls past her knees. Abigail's face is covered in bumps and she has a bloody cut along one side of her face, both are perhaps an indication of how she died. The gray smudges around her eyes match her gray lips, and highlight her blank white eyes. Abigail's accessory is a tombstone which reads:

Abigail Crane
1965 - 1973
She hated life and all its terms
now she's dead, just food for worms.

Big Picture
of Mr. Graves

Big Picture
of Abigail

Pictures of Mr. Graves and Abigail Crane

Where to buy Mr. Graves & Abigail Crane: This two-pack is available exclusively to ClubMez members through the ClubMez web site. The set is limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, with a limit of three sets per membership. The cost to join ClubMez is $40, and the price of the Graves/Crane set is $59.99 USD (includes shipping).

The previous ClubMez Living Dead Doll exclusive, Penny, is still available at AisleSniper.com.

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