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Buying/Selling/Trading/Auction - PART IV TRADING For Toy-related Newsgroups Frequently Asked Questions & Posting Guide Developed and Maintained by Eric G. Myers & Scott J. Gordon Version 2.0 - 6/98 This document may be reproduced in whole or in part as long as no modifications are made and the maintainer information and all acknowledgments are kept in tact as appropriate. For corrections, additions or questions, please contact [email protected].
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Q4.1: Do people want to trade? How does it work? How can I get people to trade with me? A4.1: Yes. Many people actually prefer trading for transactions. Basically, you need to post an ad similar to a "For Sale" ad. Just like a sale ad, you need to pick an appropriate place to post and compose a good subject line (use the abbreviation WTT). Then be patient. It may take longer to work out a trade than a straight sale. With trades, you need to find someone who has what you want *and* wants what you have. It always best to put as many things on your want list as you can to increase your chances of finding a trade partner. But if you really have your heart set on a specific trade (i.e., "I have figure X and I will trade it for figure Y") then go for it. Many trades (for even the most obscure items) can be found with enough patience. Be persistent, but not annoying. Post your trade offer once a week. Do not post more frequently. There is not enough readership turnover to warrant you posting your ad every day. Q4.2: Do I have to do item for item trades? Can I offer multiple figures or mixed trades for cash and figures? A4.2: The answer here is that you can do almost anything that both you and your trading partner agree on. If you have a bunch of small stuff or common items that you want to trade for a larger or more valuable item, go right ahead. If both people agree, its perfectly fine. Same thing with mixed trades. If you have something that someone wants, there are many creative ways to work a trade if you are willing to be flexible. Q4.3: I found someone to trade with me! Now what? A4.3: Now you need to decide on how to get the items to each other. In general, it is customary for both traders to send there items at the exact same time. Its best to set a mutually agreeable date to ship the items. Just with any other transaction, you need to be very explicit about what you are getting (as well as what you have) and how you expect it to be packed and shipped. A little communication ahead of time saves a lot of disappointment later. Some traders will insist on having you send your items first. This is often the case when trading several common items (or less valuable items) for a larger of more valuable items. While this is not necessarily a bad sign, be careful that you have enough information about your trading partner and feel comfortable about the situation before sending your items to a stranger. Q4.4: Who pays the postage costs on a trade? A4.4: Generally, each trader pays the postage to ship their stuff to the other person. This assumes that the items in the trade are generally the same size and/or weight. For example, in trading one action figure for another, each person would pay their own postage. Even with some uneven trades (e.g., two figures for one figure trades) the postage charges will often be identical. With some uneven trades, one party will have to pay more postage than the other. In these cases, the traders can come to some mutually agreeable arrangement on postage costs. This arrangement should be worked out in advance. If you are in doubt about what the shipping charges might be, check them out IN ADVANCE. For example, shipping charges can escalate rather quickly when doing international trades. Q4.5: A trader wants me to send my items first but he also wants me to pay the return postage on my stuff if he doesn't if he decides its not what he wants. Is this fair? A4.5: Absolutely not. Be wary of any deal that shifts the balance of power too far in any one individual's favor. Its perfectly acceptable to accept an item for inspection but the person accepting the item should be responsible for return postage if they choose not to keep the item. This isn't exactly a scam, but its certainly not dealing above the board. Avoid these types of traders. Q4.6: Is there anyway I can be sure that someone receives my package? How can I get proof? A4.6: When buying an item, you can always use your canceled check as a legal receipt. However, you don't have such a receipt when dealing with trades. If you want to be absolutely sure that someone has received your package, you can send the item "Return Receipt Requested." This will cost a bit more but you will get a notice back in the mail when the other party gets the package. This receipt is proof of delivery. This usually avoids the scam where the receiver says that they did not receive the package. Are trade posts on topic for rec.toys.action-figures.discuss? A4.7: No. Any commerce-type posts belong in rec.toys.action-figures.marketplace. It doesn't matter if it's a trade or not. The presence of money in a deal is not at issue. The exchange of items, whatever the manner, is the defining feature.
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