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Frequently Asked Questions

For Toy-related Newsgroups

Frequently Asked Questions & Posting Guide

Developed and Maintained by Eric G. Myers & Scott J. Gordon

Version 2.0 - 6/98

This document may be reproduced in whole or in part as long as no modifications are made and the maintainer information and all acknowledgments are kept in tact as appropriate. For corrections, additions or questions, please contact [email protected]

FAQ Index | General | Buying | Selling | Trading | Auctions


Q1.1: Are my toys, action figures, cars, etc. worth anything?
Q1.2: What are my toys worth?
Q1.3: What is the best way to determine values/prices for my toys? 
Q1.4: Are there any price guides that I should look at?
Q1.5: What do all those abbreviations stand for?
Q1.6: What is the C system of grading and how does it work?
Q1.7: What does it mean when a card is punched?
Q1.8: What is the best way to store carded figures?
Q1.9: What is the deal with these never ending "Scalpers vs. The Price 
          Police" threads/flamewars?
Q1.10: I have figure X and it is on the wrong card? Is this worth big bucks?
Q1.11: What are the steps of contact for a good Internet transaction?


Q2.1: Is it safe to buy toys over the Internet? Q2.2: How should I respond to sales/auctions/trades? Q2.3: How can I avoid getting ripped off? Q2.4: What are references? Should I ask for them? How does it work? Q2.5: Should I use cash, check, money order or some other means to pay for my purchase. Q2.6: What about International transactions? Q2.7: What should I do if I think I got ripped off? Q2.8: I got my stuff but it {wasn't what I wanted, was damaged, wasn't in the condition the seller said it was, etc.}. What should I do? Q2.9: Can a seller raise an advertised price or refuse to sell me something they advertised?


Q3.1: Where should I post my ad? Q3.2: How often should I post my ad? Q3.3: How should I compose a good subject line? Q3.4: Should I set a price, let people make offers, or conduct an auction? Q3.5: Shouldn't I post each item I have separately? Q3.6: How should I package and ship toys I'm selling or trading? Q3.7: Should I insure packages? Q3.8: Why isn't there a rec.toys.marketplace group? Q3.9: Someone sent me a really nasty e-mail in response to my ad? What did I do to deserve this? Q3.10: What is "undercutting?" Is this an acceptable practice?


Q4.1: Do people want to trade? How does it work? How can I get people to trade with me? Q4.2: Do I have to do item for item trades? Can I offer multiple figures or mixed trades for cash and figures? Q4.3: I found someone to trade with me! Now what? Q4.4: Who pays the postage costs on a trade? Q4.5: A trader wants me to send my items first but he also wants me to pay the postage on my stuff if he doesn't if he decides its not what he wants. Is this fair? Q4.6: Is there anyway I can be sure that someone receives my package? How can I get proof? Q4.7: Are trade posts on topic for rec.toys.action-figures.discuss?


Q5.1: Why should I hold an auction? Q5.2: What is the preferred format for an auction? Q5.3: What are the standard rules for an auction? Q5.4: What is a "lot?" Q5.5: What's the best way to give updates or let bidders know when there is a new bid or a change in bids? Q5.6: How should I format my auction posting and updates? Q5.7: What is a "Buyout price" or a "Quick-sale price?" Q5.8: How should I decide on minimum bid prices? Q5.9: What should I do if the winning bidder doesn't send their payment? Q5.10: What is E-bay (Auction Universe, etc.)? How should I announce my auctions at these web sites?


FAQ Index | General | Buying | Selling | Trading | Auctions

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