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Captain Han Solo
The Han Solo figure shows the influences of the WWII bomber pilots on the Han Solo character. The figure bares the likeness of actor Harrison Ford with the classic WWII pilot hat. The bomber jacket comes complete with fur collar and detailed bomber nose art on the back of the "Millennium Falcon". The figure comes with a gun, the German Mauser, which was actually the base for the prop used in the Star Wars movies.

The Chewbacca figure continues the look of the bomber crew. Chewbacca's uniforms shows the rebel insignia and his name on his chest. His machine gun is a modified Thompson made to be reminiscent of Chewie's crossbow.

Luke Skywalker (Rebel Pilot)
The Luke Skywalker figure has a slightly more stylized look. The figure bares the resemblance of actor Mark Hamill. His removable helmet displays the rebel logo and removable goggles that can be lowered and raised. The orange leather is reminiscent of the classic orange jumpsuit from the films. The figure comes with a parachute and chest pouch that is suggestive of the control panel on Luke's jumpsuit. Although not very accurate to the WWII era, you can not have Luke with out the lightsaber. The lightsaber looks like an older flashlight, has a removable blade and is connected to a battery worn on the belt.

Imperial Snowtrooper
The Imperial Snowtrooper is based on the look of WWII soldiers during the siege of Stalingrad. The troopers face still obscured, but by a scarf this time not by a face plate. The goggles have the look of the classic helmet's visor and the helmet has the classic Nazi flared edges. The long coat that juts out is suggestive of the skirt worn by the film's version and the hard ammo pouches are like those of the film as well.

Imperial Biker Scout
The Imperial Biker Scout is a blend of a Nazi motorcycle soldier and the film's Biker Scout. The chest armor and pouches are suggestive of the classic look. He wears a German Luger on his boot, like his movie counterpart. The bike is of classic WWII design but has the same color scheme as the speederbike and the saddlebags which are suggestive of the rear of the speederbike.

Darth Vader
The main idea behind this figure was to 'devolve' the suit into something that resembles 40's technology. The helmet is basically a glorified gas mask, and the chest box is intended to look like an old-fashioned guage. The uniform isn't 100% Nazi, but I wanted to have the armband with an imperial symbol instead of a swastika. The base figure is a LOTR prologue elf.

This was the first concept that solidified in my mind when Sillof approached me about this concept. This was perhaps the most literal fusion of Star Wars and WWII aesthetics, and I am quite pleased with the result. The base figure is a ML Longshot, with Gambit hands.

Boba Fett
I wanted Fett to look like he was wearing chunks of damaged, modified tank armor. The missing hand was an afterthought, but I thought it would be an extreme and amusing divergence from the character's usual appearance. He's the least successful in terms of capturing the intended period, but he makes for a menacing Mandalorian. Base figure is a ML Bullseye, with ML Punisher boots.

Created by Sillof & Glorbes ([email protected]).
Web site: www.sillof.com

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