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Hot on the heels of his redesigned Gaslight Justice League, Sillof takes another crack at redesigning a classic franchise in a steampunk setting. This time it is Star Wars. Unlike his earlier Star Wars ReVision line that blended Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Samurai, & Western elements, this line is intended to be completely Steampunk. Steampunk is a quasi futuristic fantasy setting with amazing technologies with antiquated design elements, think Jules Vern.

The line is 6" in scale and each figure was carefully sketched out and redesigned taking a few key classic elements of the original figures and blending them with classic steampunk elements and design. Sillof has said he feels this is his favorite and best work to date.

The C-3PO design is a mechanical man, almost skeletal, with exposed gears, pulleys, and hinges. He still displays the trademark gold, but a burnished antique finish, rather then the polished finish, for an older feel. Classic 3PO elements can be found in the round disc design on the abdomen and the arm position.

To balance out the pair of droids, R2 is designed to be a little steam powered boiler-bot, to go alongside his mechanical gear driven friend. One can easily see the classic R2 elements; the segmented dome (this time with rivets), the single eye, the short nature, and used R2's original air vents as a modified furnace door & the knob on R2's head is now a stovepipe type chimney. Inside R2's vents is a large translucent flame that lights up.

Han Solo
Han Solo is still the cocky smuggler pilot, but the smuggler vibe has been played up with a pirate feel and rather then a spaceship he now pilots a large dirigible-like airship. He displayes the classic steampunk goggles to the smug grinning face. His outfit still has the classic black, cr�me, & blue color scheme. Han comes with a clunky steampunk modified pistol.

The steampunk Chewbacca has a more animalistic look with the more feline face and clawed hands and feet. As first mate on the airship he still has mechanic duties, as seen from his classic bandolier now serving as a tool bag. His pirate-ish clothing gives the right look without losing too much of the classic exposed fur look. His weapon is designed to be a clunkier version of a crossbow energy weapon. Chewie is finished off with the steampunk goggles to protect his eyes from the wind on the airship.

Lord Vader
Darth Vader, or "Lord Vader" as Tarkin calls him, evokes that Eastern European/German military noble feel. Vader's flared out helmet is no longer a samurai look but now a more of a Prussian Spiked helmet. His fierce angular face mask that helped with his breathing is now a modified gas mask. His chest armor is a nod to his classic shinny black armor. The clunky lightsaber, with removable blade, is connected to a power pack via the power tube.

The stormtrooper still has the classic white on black look. But the more ornate and engraved armor gives him a more antiquated feel. The stormtrooper helmet somewhat resembles Vader's helmet. The air tubes leading to the riveted airtanks resemble the shape of the classic stormtrooper's helmet. He comes complete with belt pouches & a steampunk rifle that is somewhat WWI looking gun with larger more steampunk elements and bayonet added.

Luke Skywalker
Still true to Luke's humble origins as a farmer but, modified for a more industrial age. Luke has the look of a kind of factory worker/pilot. Of course he has the goggles. Luke comes with extra dirty finish. The lightsaber is connected again via tubes to a power pack, and the power pack and lightsaber blade are removable.

Ben Kenobi
For the European feel I went for a more traditional knight, rather then the Asian samurai robes. I wanted the look of Kenobi's head to look like a guy who had been hiding out and keeping low. I also wanted it too have the feel of an elderly warrior who put on his old armor for one last adventure. I went for a thinner frame, kind of Don Quixote-esque. I thought the armor worked as the Jedi are established as an ancient and dead order. I gave the armor the riveted steampunk feel. I also made it look old, tarnished, and little rusty. With the shoulder pauldrons and waist tunic, I tried to evoke the brown Jedi robes, I also felt they gave the armor a ceremonial feel. The lightsaber is connected to the same power pack as Luke.

Gran Moff Tarkin
Gran Moff Tarkin has a very Eastern European officer look. On his chest he displays traditional medals in place of the classic red and blue squares.

Princess Leia
Princess Leia is more reminiscent of the leader of a rebellion then the fairy princess. The figure evokes the romanticism paintings of lady liberty leading the French in revolution. She comes complete with the corset and Victorian outfit in lighter color palatte that suggest her classic white gown. The figure comes complete with the long steampunk gun.

Created by Sillof ([email protected]).
Web site: www.sillof.com

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