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Raving Toy Maniac & CustomCon 10 Present


Marvel Minimates


Created by Eric Dlugokinski.


Classic Black Panther

Black Panther was made from a Venom Minimate. His ears were sculpted with miliput and he was hand painted.



Classic Beast

Beast was a combination of Minimates Logan (hair and body) and Venom (hands). He was hand painted.


Modern Wasp

Wasp was a combination of Minimates Elektra (body and head) and Marvel Girl (hair). All but her face was hand painted.Her wings were made from cut lamenent with melted groves to simulate veins. A hole was drilled into her back so as a peg, holding the wings, could be mounted. They can also be folded or removed altogether.


Modern Absorbing Man

The Absorbing Man was made from a Kingpin Minimate. Ears and brows were added with miliput. He is completely hand painted. His ball and chain were made from miliput and a piece of chain from a Spawn action figure. This figure is a better representation of the character than the actual Minimate Absorbing Man packed with Captain America.


Classic Darkstar

(former of the Soviet Super Soldiers)

Darkstar was made from a combination of minimates classic Storm (body and hair) and Marvel Girl (head). Storm`s tiara was modified and hand painted along with the body. Although she was an obscure character at Marvel, I believe she fit the bill as a Marvel Minimate. Coming soon her team mates Vanguard and Ursa Major.



The Lizard

The Lizard was a combination of Minimates Hulk (legs and head), Nightcrawler (torso), Bruce Banner (arms and coat) and Venom (hands). His tail was made from miliput and was hand painted along with his head.


Dr. Curt Conners

Dr. Curt Conners was a combination of minimates Bruce Banner (body and coat), classic Cyclops (head) and Hulk (hair). His folded up lab coat sleeve was a combo minimate arm and miliput sculpting. His eyes and hair were repainted.


J. Jonah Jameson

J.Jonah Jameson was a comination of minimates Bruce Banner (upper body), Prof. X (lower half and head) and Kingpin (cigar hand). His hair was sculpted out of miliput and painted along with his face. His rolled up sleeves are glued on pieces of plastic.


Classic Black Cat

Black Cat was made out of an ultimate Storm Minimate. Miliput was used to recreate the fur trim on her costume. Everything but her hair was hand painted.



Power Man

Power Man was made from a classic Cyclops minmate. His hair and headband were sculpted from miliput. His belt was made from a plastic chain. His entire upper half was hand painted.


Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a combination of minimates classic Wolverine (body/head) and Daredevil (mask). Everything but his head was hand painted.


Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock is a combination of minimate Daredevil (head), Prof.X (body), Bruce Banner (hair) and Kingpin (caine). Only the hair and glasses were repainted. This figure is by far a more accurate representation that the maskless Daredevil packed with Bullseye.



(Movie version)

Daredevil (Movie Version) is a modified and repainted Daredevil Minimate.




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