Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

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Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

This wave brings to the fans everything they've been asking for: X-Force, AIM, mutants and androids. Collect all five figures (including AIM variants) and build your very own Build-a-Figure: Awesome Android.

X-Force Wolverine gives us a new, comic-accurate version of Wolverine that the fans been waiting for. Logan comes in his black and silver X-Force costume and is packaged with the left leg of Awesome Android.

Match is a student at Wolverine's Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters. He has never officially been a member of the New X-Men, but he's shared in many of their adventures. He has a light-up feature and comes with the torso of Awesome Android.

X-Force Deathlok shows everyone's favourite robot assassin zombie in his current Uncanny X-Force outfit. He comes with the right leg of Awesome Android.

Maverick is the Weapon X team mate of Wolverine. Shown here in his classic 90's costume designed by Jim Lee. Maverick comes with the arms of Awesome Android.

Everyone loves army building, and the A.I.M. Scientists give you the perfect chance to do just that! There are FIVE variations of the classic AIM Scientists, featuring backpacks and various guns. Collect them all! The AIM Scientist comes with the head of Awesome Android.

Awesome Android (AKA Awesome Andy) was build by the Mad Thinker in the comics, but he can now be built by you! Collect all the pieces to build this hulking android.