Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

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Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

New from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, DC Minimate's make their glorious return, starting with a line inspired by Tim Burtons: Batman films! Based both on the actual films and designs inspired by Tim Burtons style, you will experience the Batman films like never before! Collect characters that were never seen on the silver screen, such as: Bane, Mr Freeze, and many more! This is only the beginning of a great new era of DC Minimates!

Inspired by the hit film series, Scarecrow makes his debut in Minimate form! Find out Batmans greatest fear with your own James Woods Scarecrow. Former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, Doctor Jonathan Crane became obsessed with the concept in manipulating his patient's fears. Crane created a gas that could help him bring the fears of others to life and he used the inmates of the asylum to run his experiments on. Crane donned the name Scarecrow to bring fear into anyone who faced him, he now runs the asylum through fear and plans to take Gotham next.

Inspired by the hit film series, Bane makes his return to Minimate form! Break the Batman with your own Bane. Born and raised in prison, Bane learned at a young age that only the strongest survive. Bane grew a hatred for abusive authority when he was experimented on with a new steroid drug called Venom. The drug enhanced Bane's strength to super human levels, he grabbed the remaining supply and broke out of confinement. Bane heads to Gotham in search of the monster he heard of while in prison, his quest is to destroy this monster known as, The Batman.

Inspired by the hit film series, Clayface makes his return to Minimate form! Preform attacks on Gotham and The Batman with your own Clayface. Basil Karlo is a former actor who was driven mad when he discovered the horror movie he had starred in was being remade without him reprising his role. Karlo donned the costume and name of the movies villain: The Clayface Killer, and began a killing spree on the cast and crew of the film. After he is thwarted by Batman, Basil throws himself into a vat of a new untested compound, turning him to a creature seemingly made out of clay, he know works as an enforcer for any crime boss who pays high enough.