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Welcome to our sneak preview of American International Toy Fair '99! Toy Fair takes place each February in New York City; this year, it runs from Friday, February 12 through Monday, February 15. But that's a long time to wait to see new stuff, right? Well, say no more. Here are some images from a pre-Toy Fair show that took place in October. And don't forget to check out our usual full coverage of Toy Fair '99 right here at RTM!

All the photos and info you'll see here were sent to us by a helpful collector overseas who wishes to remain unnamed. So in some cases figure names and explanations may be incomplete, but that's the way they came.

The following sections contain images of some manufacturers' potential offerings which will likely be shown at Toy Fair '99. We stress "potential" because, as you know, manufacturers may alter or cancel figures or even whole lines prior to their release, or toys may be targeted for a specific release and not readily available in all countries. Some of these may be targeted for international release only, bypassing the United States altogether. But in a continuing effort to bring you the freshest toy news first, we've pulled together some of the more interesting and exciting offerings you might see on store shelves in the future for your enjoyment.

Click on the links to the various manufacturers to see some of their potentinal offerings.


Toy Island

Toy Biz


For more information, see the official Toy Fair web site.

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