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McFarlane Toys

RTM has already shown you prototypes for the Metal Gear Solid, Dawn, and Marv figures in the News area. Now get ready for some newer planned figures from McFarlane!

Curse of the Spawn

Apparently, the next Spawn series of figures will center around characters from the Curse of the Spawn comic book. This line will include six regular figures and one deluxe boxed figure. Unfortunately, no photo of Hatchet, the sixth figure in the assortment, was available. But Jessica Priest comes with Mr. Obersmith, pictured below, in a 2-pack like Sam & Twitch did.




Mr. Obersmith

Jessica Priest

Curse of the Spawn II

The Dessicator deluxe figure

Movie Maniacs

This is apparently an early prototype of the Pinhead figure they had done for the Movie Maniacs line. There was evidently some problem securing the rights, so the figure has yet to be released, although it is rumored to be part of the second Movie Maniacs assortment.

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