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The following are potential offerings from Trendmasters. Look for some varied and exciting products from them!


The new Godzilla line is based on the animated series currently running in the United States. Though Trendmasters says this line is planned but not certain, the animated series and a planned sequal to the American movie make this line's prospects seem good. These apparently will have sound as well.



Additional monsters in the line.

War Planets

War Planets, the planet playset line of toys Trendmasters released a couple of years ago, is back. There's even a computer-animated cartoon series based on the line (with some episodes written by comics great Marv Wolfman). Playsets are showing up in stores again, along with some new planets. Additionally, there are plans for action figures based on characters from the show, four of which are pictured below:

War Planets promotional art.

War Planets figures.

Austin Powers

These are nine-inch scale figures with cloth outfits (apparently similar to the Exclusive Premieres 9" lines). It was unclear at press time whether more than two figures would be offered in the line.

Austin Powers

Dr. Evil

Classic Robots

Although no photos were available at press time, the Classic Robots line appears to be a real treat for sci-fi and toy fans. The promotional art below shows the first offering from this line - Robby the Robot, from the motion picture "The Forbidden Planet." It would be hard to pick a more fitting subject to inagurate this line, but to sweeten it even more, Trendmasters appears to be planning two versions of Robby: a 20cm figure and a 40cm remote-control version!

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