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Toy Biz always has some cool stuff to debut, and this year is no exception. Here are some additions to some popular lines as well as new stuff.


The next series of Xena figures features four new 6" figures and four new 12" figures. While we don't have the exact names of the specific figures, we've made some educated guesses (and loyal fans will probably recognize them).

6" Figure Assortment

Possibly Xena from "The Debt" episode; and Xena with a cloak.

Gabrielle from "Remember Me Not" and possibly Hope as a child (thanks to Buckeye for the identification help!); apparently Hope in mid-transformation from "Sacrifice" episode, with Callisto.

12" Figure Assortment

Ares, Gabrielle as Amazon, Xena from "When in Rome," Evil Empress Xena

Resident Evil II (Series 2)

Toy Biz has delivered some excellent horror figures in their previous Resident Evil and Resident Evil II lines. Look for the chills to continue with Resident Evil II Series 2.

William & Sherry

Hunk & Zombie

Mister X

Ivy & Ada Wong


From the Japanese anime and video game come the Darkstalkers! These appear to be two-packs, sort of, with a PVC or smaller figure in with the actual character figure.

John Talbain

Victor and Ghost Doctor

Demitri & Lilith

Conceptual Art

The following images are conceptual art for the cancelled Famous Covers Beasts assortment and... Earth X! Whether either of these ever see the light of day is anybody's guess. The Earth X character designs are by the man himself, Alex Ross.

Famous Covers Beasts
Man-Thing, Tigra, Beast, Thing

Earth X
Machine Man, female Thor, Captain America
(and the Brothers Grimm), The Hulk and Bruce Banner

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