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Hasbro's 2011 Toy Fair Summary

Hasbro to Showcase Its Innovative Brand Portfolio at Toy Fair 2011

PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- February 11, 2011 -- Hasbro's 2011 Toy Fair offerings with a focus on leveraging the Company's powerful portfolio of brands and several innovative new products featuring advanced technologies will further demonstrate Hasbro's continued transformation into a branded play company, providing children and families with a wide range of entertainment options that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

From toys and games, to motion pictures, video games, television programming, and a comprehensive and strategic licensing program, Toy Fair provides Hasbro with the opportunity to showcase unmatched creativity and innovation as the Company continually re-invents, re-imagines and re-ignites its brands, along with a range of new products and initiatives sure to delight and entertain on a global basis.

"Hasbro is incredibly fortunate to own and have access to what we believe is the deepest and most beloved brand portfolio in children's and family entertainment," said John Frascotti, Hasbro's Global Chief Marketing Officer. "As we make our final preparations for Toy Fair, everyone at Hasbro remains very focused on delivering innovation and magical experiences in toys and games, while also extending our brands into many different forms of entertainment. We want to ensure that a wider audience has greater access to our brands where ever and whenever they please."

Highlights for Hasbro in 2011 include the launch of KRE-O, offering the unique opportunity to enjoy popular Hasbro brands, like TRANSFORMERS, in a construction play pattern; an extensive array of toys and games featuring a fresh perspective on favorite SESAME STREET characters; a deep and innovative product line that captures the excitement of TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON; and the introduction of LIVE, a new interactive and immersive gaming platform designed to bring classic board games to life in unexpected and unique ways.


This fall Hasbro will bring action and adventure to the construction aisle with the introduction of the KRE-O brand. The KRE-O brand provides builders ages 6 and up with the unique opportunity to enjoy popular Hasbro brands, like TRANSFORMERS, in a construction play pattern. From favorite characters and high quality materials to unique accessories and collectible mini figures, the KRE-O collection will excite builders of all ages. At launch, the KRE-O brand will offer twelve building sets featuring popular TRANSFORMERS characters including OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, STARSCREAM and more.


The TRANSFORMERS brand has delivered "MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE" fun to legions of kids around the world for more than 25 years with action figures that convert from robot to vehicle and back again. As one of the hottest global entertainment properties, the TRANSFORMERS brand launches a deep and innovative product line in 2011 that captures the excitement of TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, the new Paramount Pictures live-action movie from director Michael Bay, and executive producer Steven Spielberg, while introducing new play patterns and experiences to the brand for kids and fans alike. Highlights in 2011 include the new MECHTECH and CYBERVERSE action figure segments, SPEED STARS STEALTH FORCE vehicles and the new CINE-MASK 3D role-play masks featuring built in RealD 3D lenses that can be worn to RealD 3D theater showings. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON - which will be the first-ever TRANSFORMERS film in 3D - opens worldwide on July 1, 2011. Fans can also look forward to action figures based on the popular TRANSFORMERS PRIME animated series currently airing on The HUB television network. Additionally, Hasbro will continue to expand its global TRANSFORMERS licensing portfolio in 2011 bringing to market an unprecedented lineup of innovative "MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE"-inspired goods across every major licensing category from publishing to digital games and apparel for men, women and children.


Hasbro's iconic PLAYSKOOL brand kicks off its partnership with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, this year with an extensive array of toys and games featuring a fresh perspective on favorite Sesame Street characters including Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Elmo. Headlining this year's most exciting preschool collection and grabbing the toy industry spotlight is everyone's favorite loveable red monster, Elmo. Set to take the stage this fall, the LET'S ROCK ELMO interactive plush is ready to rock out as the most innovative and engaging Elmo toy yet, singing and making music with kids in true rock star form. Kids will enjoy six on board songs, including two new releases, and the three instruments included with the LET'S ROCK ELMO toy. Families will be amazed as Elmo recognizes which instrument he is playing, and little musicians can join in the jam session with a LET'S ROCK guitar, keyboard or microphone (each sold separately) and form their own rock band with Elmo! Also ready to make their entrances, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Ernie, and more bring their unique personalities to this colorful collection of innovative and engaging playthings. From cuddly plush pals and friendly learning companions to adorable mini figures and captivating infant and toddler toys, the playful portfolio of Sesame Street themed toys is sure to delight kids and parents alike.


LIVE is a new interactive and immersive gaming platform designed to bring classic board games to life in unexpected and unique ways. The centerpiece of LIVE gaming, literally and figuratively, is Motion Vision Play technology, which brings games to life through an electronic tower in the middle of a specially designed game board. The first two games to come to life with spy planes, stock rallies and horse races are MONOPOLY LIVE and BATTLESHIP LIVE as the tower and board work together to react to hand and pawn movements as the game is played. No dice or bank notes are needed, as players wave their hands over various sensors on the board to direct all game play activity. Like video games, players do not need to read rules or instructions as the LIVE tower will guide play and remind players of rules along the way, as well as add unexpected twists. For example, a typhoon could suddenly occur in Battleship and change a ship's trajectory, or a sought after property could be put up for bid in a surprise auction in Monopoly.


(Approx. Retail Price: $29.99; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall 2011)
Challenge your competitors with controlled BEYBLADE top moves with the BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM IR SPIN CONTROL assortment. Players can move their BEYBLADE IR tops left, right, or even give them a "power boost" of more speed during battles. Enter the code found in each specially marked BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM package at BeybladeBattles.com for online competition against other Beybladers. Each sold separately.

(Approx. Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: Spring 2011)
This July, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER storms theatres nationwide. Hasbro's accompanying toy line stars the CAPTAIN AMERICA DISC LAUNCHING SHIELD, the premiere role-play item for every CAPTAIN AMERICA fan. Loaded with lights and electronic battle sounds, it also fires miniature foam disks to defend against combatants! The shield has a diameter of 15 inches and comes with five foam discs. Requires four "AA" batteries, not included.

(Approx. Retail Price: $59.99; Ages 4 years & up; Available: Fall 2011)
Puppy love is in the air this fall with the introduction of COOKIE, MY PLAYFUL PUP pet the newest, softest, most huggable dog to join the FURREAL FRIENDS family. Kids will love to interact with the adorable pint-sized golden retriever through voice recognition technology, this loveable pup will respond when spoken to by moving her head, blinking, and barking, just like a "real" dog! The loveable pup will also respond to touch; kids simply pet their new best friend on the sensors located on her head and cheeks and their new pal will make happy puppy sounds to show her delight. Additionally, COOKIE, MY PLAYFUL PUP loves to play with her squeaky toy, she will track it with her eyes and head as it's moved in front of her. The FURREAL FRIENDS COOKIE, MY PLAYFUL PUP pet comes complete with her very own collar and dog "bone." Requires four "C" batteries, included.

(Approx. Retail Price $7.99; Ages 4 & up; Available: Fall 2011)
Add some motion to any LITTLEST PET SHOP collection with the MAGIC MOTION Pets Assortment! These quirky pets are full of spunk and ready to get up and go. At the touch of a button these pets get moving, "walking" across any smooth surface. Girls can collect up to 12 LITTLEST PET SHOP MAGIC MOTION Pets including a dog, seal, snail, fish, cat, spider and more. Each sold separately.


In 2011, the NERF brand will continue its high-energy evolution with exciting advancements in its SUPER SOAKER and DART TAG lines, as well as a reveal of the new, top secret NERF VORTEX blaster collection. This year the NERF SUPER SOAKER line takes the water blaster world to a new level of power and performance with battery-powered blasters, including the new NERF SUPER SOAKER THUNDERSTORM water blaster, and easy to use CLIP SYSTEM refills giving fans the faster reloads and edge they need to become ultimate water warriors. In 2011, the popular DART TAG World Championship will celebrate its third consecutive year with revamped recruitment and game play. To celebrate the evolution of NERF DART TAG, four new DART TAG blasters will be released this spring including the NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster as well as NERF DART TAG official competition jerseys and new NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR. And, to round out a full year of new introductions, the NERF brand is inviting fans to "Gear Up for 9.10.11" when it will introduce the NERF VORTEX collection, a completely new and innovative blaster experience. NERF fans, known as NERF NATION, will also be able to step up their game in 2011 as the property continues to break out at mass retail and become a global mega lifestyle licensing brand with cutting edge products ranging from footwear to graphic tees, electronics and digital gaming. For more updates and information on each of the NERF brand's five existing N-STRIKE, NERF SUPER SOAKER, DART TAG, SPORTS, and N-FORCE lines, visit www.YouTube.com/Nerf, www.Twitter.com/NerfNation, or www.Facebook.com/NerfNation and become a part of NERF NATION.

(Approx. Retail Price: $34.99; Ages 4 & up; Available: August 2011)
Arriving from a galaxy far, far away in summer 2011: the all-new ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABER will provide one of the most authentic JEDI experiences ever for kids! The toy features a progressive light-up blade with vibrant LED lighting, allowing kids to experience the FORCE in a whole new way. Available in ANAKIN SKYWALKER and DARTH VADER models; each sold separately.

(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: Spring 2011)
MARVEL STUDIOS brings action and excitement to the theater this spring with THOR and Hasbro brings the adventure, energy, and emotion from the film "to life" with a full array of toys. Kids can pretend to be their favorite Asgardian and summon the power of THOR with Hasbro's THOR LIGHTNING HAMMER. The replica of THOR's signature weapon delivers a great role-play experience, allowing fans to recreate the on-screen action of the upcoming film. The hammer is fully equipped with electronic battle sounds and a launching projectile. Requires three "AAA" batteries, included.


(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Recommended Age: 8 & up; Available: Fall 2011; Players: 1 or more)
As a follow up to the global phenomenon of BOP-IT!, this active, think-fast on-your-feet game is back and better than ever for Fall 2011. BOP-IT! XT is BOP-IT! to the max with six commands including "Shake it," "Bop it," "Spin it," "Flick it," "Pull it," and "Twist it." The game features play modes including Single Player, Pass It, and Party, and four levels of play for ranging abilities. A headphone jack is also included in the BOP-IT! XT unit to allow kids to fine tune their skills quietly, or hook up to speakers for group play. Secure the highest score and become the envy of all your friends at school.

(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Recommended Age: 5 & up; Available: Fall 2011; Players: 2 to 4)
This classic game of four-in-a-row takes on a frenetic pace in the new CONNECT 4: Launchers Edition. Players take part in head-to-head action as they try to aim, launch and connect their way to victory with a new, horizontal game unit that catches the launched checkers.

(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Recommended Age: 8 & up; Available: Now; Players: 1 or more)
JI GA ZO is a 300-piece puzzle that can be rearranged to create millions of face combinations including images of yourself, your friends, your family or even your pets. JI GA ZO's pieces have varying levels of Sepia-colored gradations on one side and distinguishing symbols on the other. When the pieces are locked together, any face can be created. The key to this puzzle is the advanced JI GA ZO software, which produces a unique symbol map that shows where each of the pieces should be placed on the assembly grid. Since Ji GA Zo creates a unique symbol map for each image, the pieces can be continuously reshuffled and put back together to create a brand new face, again and again!

(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Recommended Age: 5 & up; Available: Spring 2011; Players: 2 to 8)
MONOPOLY: Cars 2 Edition is new and unlike any MONOPOLY game seen yet! The game board has been made into a round racetrack that also serves as the game dice in this exciting take on the classic game. This child-friendly Cars 2 edition of MONOPOLY gives the younger real estate moguls in training a chance to face off and race to the finish line by outsmarting and out-bidding opponents.

(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Recommended Age: 6 & up; Available: Fall 2011; Players: 2 to 4)
SCRABBLE ALPHABET SCOOP is a game for the whole family to play as kids and adults compete as equals in an exciting, letter scooping, and free-for-all race to be the first to match the words on their game card. Kids use spoons to scoop up tiled letters out of the ALPHABET SCOOP bowl and spell the words listed on Challenge cards. With five game play levels and an even playing field, SCRABBLE ALPHABET SCOOP fills the gap for fun-playing word games for kids as young as six.

(Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Recommended Age: 8 & up; Available: Fall 2011; Players: 1 or more)
The electronic memory skill game of SIMON made popular in the 80s has been brought back in FLASH form in SIMON FLASH! The fast, frantic and intuitive play known to the Hasbro FLASH line continues with this cool new edition as players swap and switch the four electronic, colored tiles to match the SIMON color sequence order called out by the game. Can you conquer the SIMON FLASH colors and show off in front of friends? SIMON FLASH features four games that challenge memory and logic, extending beyond the traditional SIMON memory game. Enjoy solo SIMON FLASH play while traveling or bring to Family Game Night to play with friends and family with the storage case included in the game for on-the-go play.


Through a strategic licensing alliance with Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), 22 Hasbro toy and game brands have been brought to 21 major digital gaming platforms. Most recently, EA launched MONOPOLY Millionaires on Facebook as well as BOP IT! on the iPhone and iPod touch. These early 2011 releases come on the heels of several 2010 highlights, including SCRABBLE landing on 10 gaming platforms. SCRABBLE consistently ranked as a Top 10 Paid App on iPad, and was the No. 1 paid item on Amazon's Kindle at launch and during the holidays. Additionally, the MONOPOLY and HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT digital franchises maintain global popularity across all console platforms and LITTLEST PET SHOP continues to be a top performing Nintendo handheld franchise within EA.

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company's world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, video games and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its customers through the strategic leveraging of well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Hub, Hasbro's multi-platform joint venture with Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) launched on October 10, 2010. The online home of The Hub is www.hubworld.com. The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved. Come see how we inspire play through our brands at http://www.hasbro.com.

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