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grade_guide.gif - 2137 Bytes The Grading Guide For Carded Action Figures

Check out this RTM Exclusive resource that serves as a comprehensive reference guide to the art of grading your carded action figures. We have developed a complete system to assist you in your collecting endeavors by defining a grading system that standardizes terms and ratings. This is an invaluable tool for any collector.

how2find.gif - 2104 Bytes How To Find Almost Any Toy

Collecting toys can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. We have comiled a few simple techniques to help you in your quest for that elusive toy. Try these before you give up in frustration. You never know. You might actually find a tip that scores you your dream toy!

egmtips.gif - 1766 Bytes EGM's Tips For Toy Hunters

This is an oldie, but a goodie! Check out a whole load of tips to make your toy runs even more prosperous. These tips are designed to help you when visiting your local retailers. Learn all you can before you hit the stores again.

faqs.gif - 1575 Bytes Just the FAQs Ma'am

FAQ's are Frequently Asked Questions. This collection of resources (some housed here and some linked from all around the net) are a great starting point for finding out almost anything about toys and collectibles. Before you write that e-mail or make that post to an on-line forum, you might want to peruse this collection. It just might save you a lot of time and trouble.

beg_guide.gif - 2118 Bytes A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Action Figures

John Hays' wonderfully written guide will be an aid to both the novice and veteran collector alike. Chok full of useful advice on every topic from removing price stickers to storing your figures, this is one resource that should be on every collector's list of links.

usenet.gif - 1698 Bytes Usenet Newsgroup Toy Resources

Usenet was around well before the World Wide Web and still contains some of the most current and valuable pieces of information you are likely to find anywhere on the Net. Take some time to learn all about the newsgroups before you dive right in.

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