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This chat forum is administrated by The Raving Toy Maniac site. We reserve the right to limit access or moderate the forum as we see fit.

We will leave the chat forum open at all times for the readers of this site to use whenever they wish. However, if the room begins to be abused or is otherwise compromising the site in any way, we will close it down between scheduled chat events. Our main goal with the chat forum is to allow fans to interact with toy industry professionals in real time during our scheduled chat events. However, many of you have expressed a desire to be able to interact with each other as well. We're more than happy to oblige, as long as things remain cordial and non-abusive.

The chat forum software allows you to use a nickname. However, you are not anonymous to the forum administrators. RTM reserves the right to ban any individual from using the chat forum for any reason. Once you are banned, you remain unable to use the forum until one of the forum administrators reinstates you.

Furthermore, we have the ability to log chats. We will randomly log chats from time to time to assure that the forum is not being used inappropriately. We will also log all our scheduled chat events for later publication on RTM. This will allow everyone to view the transcript of the chat events.

We want the chat room to be a good experience for everyone. In that spirit, we have a few simple guidelines.

  • No profanity. Try to keep your language at PG-13 or better. Just a courtesy and acknowledgment that people of all ages use this forum.

  • Disagreements of opinion are fine. Personal attacks are not. Abusive individuals will be banned from using the chat forum.

  • Treat our toy industry VIP chat guests with respect. It's fine to ask the tough questions, but if you are abusive or disrespectful to our guests, you will be bounced and barred from returning to that scheduled chat event. We have a zero tolerance policy on this. To be assured that we can continually bring you the best guests, we need to be sure that our guests have a good experience.

  • During scheduled chat events, you must stay strictly on-topic. NO AGE/SEX checks are permitted during scheduled chat events. Once gets you a warning. Twice gets you bounced and barred from returning to that scheduled chat event. During the periods between scheduled chat events, we will be more lenient on the topics. We realize that many of you would like to bond with other toy enthusiasts on many subjects. However, the discussion must always remain civil and PG-13. Mature discussions should take place elsewhere and are not appropriate for this forum.

  • Global Age/Sex checks are inappropriate at all times. If you have a particular question for an individual user, use the private message system. Chronic abuse of this policy could get you banned.

  • No parking in the chat forum. We have strict limitations on the number of people that can access the chat forum at a given time. If you are idle for too long, you risk being bounced (but not barred). You may not simply hold a place in the chat forum indefinitely. We reserve the right to disconnect all chat participants prior to a scheduled chat event to give everyone an equal chance of attending our live chat events.

  • No advertising or selling outside of events scheduled specifically for that purpose. From time to time, we may schedule live swap meets for your to trade or sell your items with other chat forum participants. However, that is the only time it will be permissible to conduct business using the chat forum. If you would like information on advertising on RTM, please click here.

  • Please do not type in all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is difficult to read and is interpreted as shouting by many readers.

  • Crude or offensive nicknames will be bounced at the administrator's discretion. You may return once a more appropriate nickname is selected.

  • Forging a toy industry VIP chat guest's identity will get you banned. Forging or otherwise misrepresenting yourself in any way may also get your banned at the administrator's discretion. Remember, you are not anonymous to the administrators.

  • Flooding or scrolling (reposting the same message or a series of messages that cause the screen to scroll or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of conversation in the chat froum) are not permitted and will get you bounced. Chronic offenders may be banned at the administrator's discretion.

  • Chat forum administrators have final discretion in all matters. Their decisions are final.

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