Recipes - Heroic Commandos in Action!

Heroic Commandos in Action!

Created by Sarkos ([email protected]).
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Estilhaço: Can even the Commandos withstand the assault of Cobra's terrible bombardier, Estilhaço?
Recipe: Airtight body, Charbroil head, Zombie-Viper webgear

Manleh: The Commando's Paratrooper, Manleh enters combat with his JUMP jetpack and fights like a whirlwind!
Recipe: Cobra Trooper body, Stalker head

Redmack: The Commando's Mountain fighter, silent Redmack lets his machine gun talk for him!
Recipe: Cobra Trooper body, Hawk head

Shimik: The Commando's night fighter, Shimik's cat-like eyes can see better than any electronics. Even Cobra Commander rests uneasy in the night.
Recipe: Neo-Viper torso, Ripcord (Re) arms, Shock Trooper legs, Ripcord (RoC) head

Topson: The Commando's Communications specialist, Topson can hack any computer and defeat any security Cobra can devise!
Recipe: Cobra Trooper body, Kickstart head

Voltar: Forca Desto's terrifying General, Voltar leaves nothing but revolution and destruction behind him.
Recipe: Hiss Driver body, Iron Grenadier lower arms and legs, Clutch head, Voltar helmet