Heroic Commandos in Action!

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Heroic Commandos in Action!

Only the bravest and strongest Commandos can stop the terrible threat of Cobra, the Invasors and Forca Destro!

Inspired by one of the most beloved action figure properties, the Heroic Commandos in Action celebrate their thirtieth anniversary with box sets, vehicles, and single carded releases in 2014.

Estilhaço: Can even the Commandos withstand the assault of Cobra's terrible bombardier, Estilhaço?

Manleh: The Commando's Paratrooper, Manleh enters combat with his JUMP jetpack and fights like a whirlwind!

Redmack: The Commando's Mountain fighter, silent Redmack lets his machine gun talk for him!

Shimik: The Commando's night fighter, Shimik's cat-like eyes can see better than any electronics. Even Cobra Commander rests uneasy in the night.

Topson: The Commando's Communications specialist, Topson can hack any computer and defeat any security Cobra can devise!

Voltar: Forca Desto's terrifying General, Voltar leaves nothing but revolution and destruction behind him.