"Before the Fall" Series 1 Minimates

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"Before the Fall" Series 1 Minimates

Here is a brand new collection/theme/license for Diamond Select Toys minimates brand of toys.


The message pad plopped on the desk with a whiff of clouds. Michael looked up from the confrontation report and stared at his comrade, a look in his eye devoid of the slightest curiosity.

"What's this?"

"Personnel reports." Raphael smiled coyly.

He was always a bit too Seraphim-like for Michael's taste. Archangels were the second most powerful force in the universe, behind the Holy One Himself. Raphael should take pride in his position and not sit around on a cloud like some muse. He especially shouldn't bother Michael.

"I'm busy. Give it to Gabriel." Michael dismissed him comrade with a wave.

"I did. He sent me to you."

"The humans have almost started a third world war in Pangea. I've got bigger problems."

"No, you don't." Raphael bushed the documents forward once more before meandering through the door. "Trust me. This, you're going to want to see."

Michael eyed the files for a moment then went back to his status reports on human troop movement. Concentration refused to come. Maybe he should be sharpening his sword?

Yet even as he reached for the blade, his hands drifted to the personnel files on his desk. They were bound with the red and black warning labels, warding off any prying eyes with the promise of instant destruction. These files were top secret, for Archangel-eyes only. All others would be destroyed upon interaction.

With a heady sigh, he wondered which angel had gone rogue this week. It appeared to be an epidemic lately, but where they were heading no one knew. Yet the face that appeared before him was not that of a smooth skinned cherubim, but rather that of the only being to ever best Michael in hand-to-hand combat, and his best friend. Lucifer.


Name: Lucifer (The Blue Angel)
Reference: Isaiah 14:12, Genesis 3:1
Rank: Archangel Prime
Status: Unknown
Commentator: Michael
[Record] Lucifer is a natural leader, whether it be commanding a squad, or at the head of a winged army. While not the smartest, fastest or strongest angel I've ever known, he brings all those quality traits together into a single, gloriously charismatic package. He is, however, the craftiest being I have ever called friend. Humans, unlike the rest of the Heavenly Host, do not repulse him. Instead, he seems to find a place of... compassion for them. Perhaps pity. Considered by many to be God's chosen heir, (They don't understand the nature of God) Lucifer has been plagued lately by visions of a long haired man in white robes. Very curious. I also note for the official log that he exceeded his allotted Earth-bound time more than a millennia ago. That doesn't seem to stop him. I know Lucifer, and he's up to something. If he doesn't get his feet off the ground and his head back in the clouds soon, I can't be responsible for what will happen to him. [/End record.]
Armor Augmentation: Ability suppression, above standard strength, flight, speed. [Record] Like Abaddon, [See: Abaddon] his armor was designed to suppress his natural abilities, not augment them. Lucifer plays his hand very close to his chest. Even I, his best friend, have no idea what his true powers are. [/End record]

Name: Legion (The Red Angel)
Reference: Mark 5:9
Rank: Angel
Status: Rogue
Commentator: Lucifer
[Record] Legion has something of a... fractured personality. A more loyal being I have never known, when he is in his right mind. A messenger angel by trade, his abilities have deluded him to the point of his superiors questioning his usefulness. I, however, have no questions. He has the ability to bend time, ever so slightly, to literally be in several places at once. He can also warp great distances, a trait that most angels find difficult, if not impossible. I have yet to test this myself, but his superiors have informed me that anyone standing in contact will be warped along with him. The trade off is Legion's fragmented mind. It makes maintaining a conversation with him next to impossible. He constantly tattoos himself with cryptic markings that only he knows the meaning to. It is said that when he bends time, he sees the face of God, and it has driven him crazy. For that they want to end him. Well, I've seen what crazy can do, and let me tell you, it's useful to have at your side. [/End record.]
Armor Augmentation: Warping and time bending abilities enhanced beyond safety parameters. Strength, above average speed.

Name: Abaddon (The Purple Angel)
Reference: Revelations 9:11
Rank: The Destroyer
Status: Deployed
Commentator: Lucifer
[Record] When it comes to angels, Abaddon is the nuclear weapon of them all. By sheer physical strength, he is on par with all four Archangels. Were he to ever go rogue, it would take an act of God Himself to stop him. He uses his armor augmentation to keep his raw energy in check. Potentially the most dangerous of all. He doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's in a surprising tenor. Great voice. Sings the song of carnage. He's Michael's favorite, but I think that favoritism only goes one way. [/End record]
Armor Augmentation: Ability suppression. Flight, enhanced defense.

Name: Raksha (The Black Angel)
Reference: 4 Vedas, Zechariah 5:9
Rank: Avenger
Status: AWOL
Commentator: Gabriel
[Record] Raksha is a female angel. While rare, they do exist for specific purposes. Raksha is an avenger, a being in the same class as the Angel of Death. If she were mortal, she would be classified as an assassin. She is proficient at her job, with a mission success rate of 98.972%. Like most AoDs, she suffers from mood swings, which are combated with Psalms and music. It is my personal belief that Raksha gets a sense of personal fulfillment from her job. This troubles me.
[UPDATE] Raksha has been AWOL for several shift changes now. This may have something to do with the recent rash of angel disappearances. We suspect Raksha is AWOL and not missing because she cleared out her personal possessions before vanishing. The Beasts have been sent out, but thus far there has been no sign of her. Looking into her personal files, it is noted that her soul sister [SEE: Vashta] disappeared some time ago. It has been proposed that Raksha went searching for her. If that is true, the thought of an Avenger-class assassin on Earth fills me with much dread. [/End record]
Armor Augmentation: Enhanced speed and flight. Enhanced cloaking abilities. Enhanced dexterity.


Michael scrolled further down, but that was the end of the information. What had Raphael been telling him? How were these seemingly unrelated characters intertwined? What business did these angels have with one another, and more importantly, on Earth?

Michael turned, once again staring at the map of Pangea. "Be very careful, old friend. What in Heaven's name are you up to? I pray you don't do anything... wicked."