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Rockman & More at Action-HQ.com

available at action-hq.com

August 1, 2003 - (Sponsor Announcement) Action-HQ.com - Rockman, Saint Seiya, Star Wars & PreOrders!

AHQ gots in loads this week. Check out these outstanding products:

- 6 New Rockman at just $11.95
- Just released Saint Sieya Moving Soldier Figures Set of 5 - $49.95
- Soul of Chogokin Gold Maziner & EVA-01 Test Type - $59.95-79.95

Other New items are:

- Terminator 2 Movie Maniacs Sara Conner w/cap or w/ponytail
- Back to the Future Japanese pullback models
- Set of 3 Lupin III clothed action figures
- FA MAS F-1 rifle in attache case
- Vintage Transformers
- Bio Hazard 2
- and lots more!

Specials this week:
- Brave Police Super Build Tiger Transformer set of 4 just $31.45
- Armor Trooper Votoms battle damaged version just $22.45
- 1998 Macross ARII 1/6 scale vinyl Minmay and Misa for just $13.95
- and lots more!

And Pre-Orders:
- Star Trek 1/850 Enterprise NCC-1701 - $55.95 (PreOrder Price) -Aug 8
- Star Trek 1/700 Enterprise NCC-1701-E - $64.95 (PreOrder Price) -August
- Gundam 1/400 Warship Pegasus Class White Base - $109.95 (PreOrder Price) -August
- Battle of Hoth 4-Pack (TRU Exclusive) - $26.95 -Aug 10
- Clone Wars Yoda - $13.95 (PreOrder Price) -Aug 22
- Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker - $13.95 (PreOrder Price) -Aug 22
- Clone Wars ARC Trooper - $13.95 (PreOrder Price) -Aug 22
- Star Wars: Unleashed Set of 3 Wave 6 - $55.95 -End of Aug/early Sept
- Jedi High Council II 3-Pack - $24.95 (PreOrder Price) -End of Aug/early Sept
- Genosian War Room II 3-Pack - $24.95 (PreOrder Price) -End of Aug/early Sept

Taking orders now so don't be left out!

Also check out our new Star Wars Buying Club and see how you can get ALL your new Star Wars first weeks before anyone else and other items on discount.

And don't forget to join our mailing list and get a FREE $4 Coupon off
your first order. (Not available for current customers.)


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