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JAKKS Pacific Unveils DBZ Plans

Malibu, CA - February 12, 2003 - JAKKS Pacific, Inc. debuts action figures based on Dragon Ball®, Dragon Ball Z® and Dragon Ball GT® at Toy Fair 2003, and adds play sets and role play toys to the line-up. The Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT toy lines launch in Summer 2003 to coincide with the new season of programming, which airs on Cartoon Network's Toonami afternoon action-adventure block. Produced by FUNimation® Productions Ltd., the Japanese anime follows the adventures of the hero Goku and his fellow Z-fighters.

Bring home the adventures with JAKKS Pacific's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT toys that closely follow programming. What you see on TV is what you see on store shelves!



JAKKS Pacific launches the 12th, 13th and 14th series in the basic Dragon Ball Z figure line. The 5 ½ inch figures feature new, never before created figures of Dragon Ball Z characters with intricate sculpts and paint details, and have a suggested retail price of $6.99. Series #12 includes Mystic Gohan, Super Saiyan Gotenks with Kamikaze Ghosts, Tien, Vegito, and Super Buu. Series #12 launches in Summer 2003.

No collection would be complete without Dragon Ball Z Series #13 and Series #14. Series #13 includes Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Super Saiyan Vegito, Pikkon, Super Buu, and a special "battle-damaged" Goku. Series #13 hits retail shelves in Summer 2003. Series #14 includes Goku, Vegeta, Teen Goten, Teen Trunks, Uub and Kid Buu and will be available for Fall 2003.

Also available are basic 5 ½ inch figures from the Dragon Ball series. The first series, which launches in Summer 2003, includes General Blue, Master Roshi, Goku and Krillin, and the Pirate Robot.


Bring home the power with Dragon Ball Z action figures that imitate their own signature power moves on the show. Goku does the Kamehameha, and more! Striking Z Fighters Series #4 launches in Summer 2003, with Series #5 following for Fall 2003. Striking Z Fighters have a suggested retail price of $7.99.


These energy blasting 5 inch figures have cool lights and sound effects and new actual voice recordings of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Watch Gohan's hair light up when he turns into Super Saiyan Gohan! Energy Glow Series #4 includes Super Saiyan Gohan, Super Saiyan Goku with his Halo, Battle Damaged Super Saiyan Goku , and Super Saiyan Trunks. Series #4 hits stores nationwide for Spring 2003 and has a suggested retail price of $9.99. Watch out for Energy Glow Series #5 with new "power up" feature launching for Summer 2003!


Recreate the exciting battles of Dragon Ball Z with Dragon Ball Z two-pack action figures! Series #1 launches in Summer 2003 and includes Goten and Trunks, Supreme Kai and Kibito, and Goku and Vegeta. Series #2, which hits stores for Fall 2003, includes Super Saiyan Goku vs. Frieza, Super Saiyan Gohan vs. Perfect Cell, and Goku vs. Raditz. Dragon Ball Z two-packs are a great value at the suggested retail price of $12.99.


Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Series #4 brings home the fun of Super Android 13!. These 9 inch figures include Android #13, Super Android #13, Trunks and Vegeta. Look out for 7 inch Dragon Ball Collector Series coming out for Summer and Fall 2003. Seven inch and 9 inch figures have a suggested retail price of $14.99.


Tenkaichi Budokai - Now your Dragon Ball Z figures can power up and launch energy balls in the World Tournament Stadium. This arena playset will have sounds, lights and all the action you need for your Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z battles. Tenkaichi Budokai will hit stores Summer 2003 and will retail for $39.99.

The Absorbing Buu play set features Super Buu with a gooey, gelatinous belly to absorb Z-Fighters that stand in his way. The more he absorbs, the more evil he becomes! Absorbing Buu play set will be available in Fall 2003 and will have a suggested retail price of $24.99.


JAKKS combines Dragon Ball Z with electronic features to create the best in action role play. Harness the power of the Kamehameha and blast your opponents to oblivion with Dragon Ball Z Electronic Role Play. Simply strap on Goku or Vegeta's battle armor and gloves. Launch an energy blast at your opponent and raise your power level with each direct hit! Electronic Role Play launches Fall 2003 for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Now you can be a Super Saiyan with the Butoden Power Gloves and Butoden Power Boots. Motion sensors located in strategic locations will activate the power of the Kamehameha and Masenko power blasts or power you up to Super Saiyan 3! Butoden Power Gloves and Boots will be available for Fall 2003 for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

FUNimation® Productions, Ltd. is a powerhouse in the brand management industry. The company has in-house production, licensing, Internet, and home video distribution. In addition to Dragon Ball Z®, FUNimation also produces Dragon Ball® and Yu Yu Hakusho®, both leading shows on Cartoon Network; Dragon Ball GT®, the long awaited sequel to Dragon Ball Z®; Movies for Lupin the 3rd™, one of the longest running anime classics; Fruits Basket™, based on the top selling comic book in Japan; and Blue Gender™, a sci-fi anime.

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is a multi-brand company that designs and markets a broad range of toys and leisure products. The product categories include: Action Figures, Arts & Crafts Activity Kits, Stationery, Writing Instruments, Performance Kites, Water Toys, Sports Activity Toys, Vehicles, Infant/Pre-School, Plush and Dolls. The products are sold under various brand names including Flying Colors®, Road Champs®, Remco®, Child Guidance®, Pentech®, Trendmasters®, Toymax®, Funnoodle®, and Go Fly a Kite®. The Company also participates in a joint venture with THQ Inc. that has exclusive worldwide rights to publish and market World Wrestling Entertainment™ video games. For further information, visit www.jakkspacific.com.

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