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New SKUMM Figures & Comics

biohazard skumm action figure

ESCONDIDO, CA April, 2003 X Concepts®, Morpheus Forge Entertainment and Digital Webbing are joining forces to create an all new full color comic mini-series. Based on the line of toys called SKUMM™ manufactured by X Concepts®, the 4 part mini series starts with issue #1 this April.

The SKUMM™ story line is set on Earth in the year 2102, after mega-corporations have tried to take over the world's governments. The SKUMM™ are genetically engineered super soldiers that are infused with nano-technology. Now that the wars are over, they have been re-integrated into society as sports stars. The sport: Medieval jousting on high-tech motorcycles and other battle vehicles; an exciting fusion of medieval combat and style and 22nd century technology.

Created and written by Niveque Storm, with cover art by Kaare Andrews (Spiderman, Hulk) in issue #1 we follow our Itinerant SKUMM Jimmy "The Torch" McPherson as he strives to achieve fortune and fame as a professional "tilter" with faulty dangerous equipment, SKUMMy friends, and a job as a security guard. Brutal Medieval Combat! Surgery?! Greedy loan sharks and laser-induced plasma weapons! Can "The Torch" have a worse week?

Talented artist Deon Nuckols (G.I. Joe, Thor) provides the pencils for the series, and Hi-Fi (Superman, X-Men) joins with their awesome group of colorists.

The comic series will feature the 12 new action figures hitting stores in fall 2003. The new Skumm figures will have full battle gear, vehicles,
secret codes and more. To help people understand the SKUMM™ story better an introductory Issue "#0" will be offered online and sent to comic stores across the nation.

"When I went out to find talent to help create my vision of SKUMM™, I did some serious looking," said Storm "I saw Morpheus Forge's other stuff I knew I had found some serious talent. Digital Webbing had published for Morpheus in the past and so a partnership was formed. Ed has a great relationship with the comic book community and has his finger on its pulse. You can't beat that kind of grass roots knowledge."

To visit the world of SKUMM™, see the Skumm movie, read characters bios, history and see the figures, and even joust online: Go to www.skumm.com.

SKUMM #1 SOMETHING HAZARDOUS THIS WAY COMES, debuts in April from Digital Webbing Press, 24 pages, $2.95 US, full color. Issues 2-4 in months following.

X Concepts® launched an entire genre in action sports collectibles with its creation of TECH DECK®, the #1 name in miniature action sports products. Headquartered in Escondido, California, X Concepts® serves as the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of TECH DECK®, which is available at retail and specialty stores across the United States and throughout the world. More information about TECH DECK® can be found on the company's web site at http://www.techdeck.com

Digital Webbing (www.digitalwebbing.com), created by Ed Dukeshire, is the acclaimed source of comprehensive information on comic book-related websites. In addition to providing daily comic news and daily columns, DW is well known for its "talent engine" - matching writers with artists, both amateur and professional.

Digital Webbing Press (www.digitalwebbing.net) is a direct result of the talented creators who frequent the DW message boards. Its flagship title, DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS, is an anthology of stories by both aspiring and established creators. Recently, comic titles BURN, ARCHEON and GUTWALLOW have joined Digital Webbing Press.

For more information on Digital Webbing comics, please visit the official Digital Webbing Press website: www.digitalwebbing.net.

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