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Toy Industry Assoc's Century of Toys

NEW YORK -- Jan. 21, 2003 -- From Lionel(R) trains to Lite-Brite(R), there's a toy on this list for everyone. Toy Industry Association (TIA(TM)) has released a list of one hundred of the industry's most memorable and creative toys from the past century. The list is part of the industry's celebration of the 100th Anniversary of American International TOY FAIR(TM) to be held in New York City on February 16 - 19. Fashioned to highlight momentous toys from the past 100 years, the list will set the stage for a week of activities that salute the history and inventiveness of the toy industry.

TIA has owned and managed the American International TOY FAIR since 1932 and is honored to acknowledge the power of toys and play for children the world over. Only a small fraction of successful and innovative products that have been introduced during the last 100 years are featured on the "Century of Toys List," which consists of unforgettable products from all types of play including activity sets, board games, dolls, ride-on toys, action figures and more.

"As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of TOY FAIR, this list allows us to pay tribute to the toys that have brought joy and happiness to children for decades. By looking through the Century of Toys list, people of all ages will be reminded of the thrill that toys have contributed to their lives," said Neil Friedman, Chairman of TIA and President of Mattel's Fisher-Price Brands. "By looking at this list, we'll all be wondering which toys previewed during TOY FAIR 2003 this February will be honored throughout the next century," he continued.

Selecting toys for the Century of Toys List involved a very stringent review process, which began with a list of criteria to establish the benchmark. With an initial list in hand, a variety of veterans throughout the industry, including members of the Toy Industry Hall of Fame, toy design professionals, and the TIA Executive Committee were involved to narrow down the list of 100, and helping to ensure the integrity of the list.

"The 100th anniversary of TOY FAIR in New York City affords us the perfect opportunity to honor our industry's vast contributions through the many toys and playthings introduced over the past century," said Thomas Conley, President, TIA. "Because TOY FAIR is known as the premier toy show in the world, we can't help but experience a sense of wonder and excitement as we anticipate the many ways the toy industry will captivate the imagination of children in the years ahead," he concluded.

The public is invited to view the list at their leisure, by visiting TIA's website: www.toy-tia.org.

TIA, formerly known as Toy Manufacturers of America (TMA(R)), was established in 1916 as the trade association for North American producers and importers of toys, games and entertainment products for children and families. TIA also owns and operates American International TOY FAIR(TM), a trade-only event, held each February at the Javits Convention Center and at showrooms in Manhattan's Toy District.

Toy Industry Association, Inc.
Century of Toys List

Year Product at time of Current
Introduced Name Introduction

1900 Lionel Trains Lionel LLC Lionel LLC

1903 Crayola Crayons Binney & Binney & Smith, Inc. Smith, Inc.

1903 Flinch Card Game Flinch Game Winning Moves, Company Inc. (license of Hasbro, Inc.)

1903 Teddy Bears Ideal Commonwealth, Gund, Russ Berrie and others

1906 Model T Ford Tootsietoy/ Tootsietoy/ diecast car Strombecker Strombecker Corp. Corp.

1913 Erector Sets A.C. Gilbert BRIO Corporation

1913 Tinkertoys Toy Tinkers Playskool, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1915 Raggedy Ann doll P.F. Volland Applause and Playskool, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1916 Lincoln Logs John Lloyd K'NEX Wright, Inc. Industries, Inc.

1917 Radio Flyer Wagon Radio Flyer, Radio Flyer, Inc. Inc.

1923 Madame Alexander Madame Madame collectible dolls Alexander Alexander

1929 Yo-Yo Duncan Toy Company

1930 Mickey Mouse (and Minnie) California Disney plush dolls Stuffed Toys Consumer Products

1932 Tripoley Game Cadaco, Inc. Cadaco, Inc.

1934 Sorry Game Parker Hasbro, Inc. Brothers

1935 Monopoly Parker Hasbro, Inc. Brothers

1937 Betsy Wetsy doll Ideal Mattel, Inc.

1938 View-Master 3-D Viewer View-Master Fisher-Price, div. of Mattel, Inc.

1942 Nok-Hockey Carrom Games Carrom Games

1947 Tonka Trucks Tonka Hasbro, Inc.

1947 John Deere Die Cast The Ertl Racing Tractor Company Champions/The
Ertl Company

1947 Magic 8 Ball Alabe Crafts Mattel, Inc.

1948 Cootie Schaper Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1948 Scrabble Game Selchow & Milton Righter Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1948 Slinky James Industries

1949 Candy Land Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1949 Clue Parker Hasbro, Inc. Brothers

1950 Silly Putty Peter Hodgson Binney & Smith, Inc.

1951 Ginny Dolls Vogue Doll Company

1952 Mr. Potato Head Playskool Playskool, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1953 Colorforms Colorforms University Games

1953 LEGO Building Sets LEGO Systems, Inc.

1954 Matchbox Cars Lesney Mattel, Inc.

1955 Wooly Willy Smethport Smethport Specialty Company

1956 Play-Doh Kenner Hasbro, Inc.

1956 Original Ant Farm Uncle Milton Industries

1956 Yahtzee Game E.S. Lowe Milton Company Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1957 Corn Popper push toy Fisher-Price, div. of Mattel, Inc.

1957 Frisbee Wham-O Wham-O

1958 Hula Hoop Wham-O Wham-O

1959 Barbie Mattel, Inc.

1960 BRIO Classic Wooden BRIO Railway Corporation

1960 Etch-A-Sketch The Ohio Art Company

1960 Game of Life Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1961 Slip N' Slide Wham-O Wham-O

1961 Troll dolls Thomas Dam, Inc.

1962 Chatter Telephone Fisher-Price, div. of Mattel, Inc.

1963 Easy Bake Oven Kenner Hasbro, Inc.

1964 G.I. Joe Hasbro, Inc.

1965 Creepy Crawlers Mattel, Inc. JAKKS Pacific

1965 Operation Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1965 See 'n' Say Mattel, Inc.

1966 Twister Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1967 Battleship Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1967 Big Wheel ride-on Marx Toys Various manufacturers

1967 Ker Plunk Ideal Toy Mattel, Inc. Company

1967 Lite Brite Hasbro, Inc.

1968 Hot Wheels and Mattel, Inc. Racing Sets

1970 Nerf Balls Parker Hasbro, Inc. Brothers

1971 Mastermind Invicta Pressman Toys Plastics, Ltd.

1972 Uno Card Game International Mattel, Inc. Games

1973 Shrinky Dinks K&B Spin Master Innovations Toys

1974 Dungeons and Dragons TSR, Inc. Wizards of the Coast, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1974 Playmobil people & Playmobil playsets

1975 Othello Gabriel Mattel, Inc. Industries, Inc.

1976 Magna Doodle Mego Toys Fisher-Price, div. of Mattel, Inc.

1977 Star Wars action figures Kenner Hasbro, Inc.

1978 Hungry Hungry Hippos Hasbro, Inc. Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1978 Rubik's Cube Ideal Hasbro, Inc.

1978 Simon Electronic Game Milton Bradley, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1979 Cozy Coupe Ride-On Little Tikes Little Tikes

1979 Strawberry Shortcake Kenner Bandai

1982 Stompers die-cast Schaper None vehicles

1982 Trivial Pursuit Selchow & Hasbro, Inc. Righter

1983 Cabbage Patch Kids Coleco Mattel, Inc.

1983 Care Bears Kenner Play Along

1983 My Little Pony Hasbro, Inc.

1984 Transformers Hasbro, Inc.

1985 Scruples Game Henry Makow Hasbro, Inc.

1985 Teddy Ruxpin Worlds of Hasbro, Inc. Wonder

1986 Pound Puppies Tonka Mary Meyer

1987 Koosh Ball OddzOn Hasbro, Inc.

1987 Pictionary The Games Hasbro, Inc. Gang

1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Toys, Inc.

1989 Super Soaker Larami Hasbro, Inc.

1992 Barney the Dinosaur plush The Lyons Mattel, Inc. Group

1992 K'NEX Building Sets K'NEX, Industries, Inc.

1993 Magic: The Gathering Wizards Wizards of the collectible card game of the Coast, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1993 Mighty Morphin Power Bandai Rangers

1995 Lamaze Learning products Learning Curve International

1996 Beanie Babies Ty

1996 Tickle-Me Elmo Tyco Fisher-Price, Preschool div. of Mattel, Inc.

1997 Bass Fishin' Game, Radica Games, Ltd.

1997 Tamagotchi Bandai

1998 Furby Tiger Toys, div. of Hasbro, Inc.

1998 Rescue Heroes Fisher-Price, div. of Mattel, Inc.

1999 Groovy Girls Manhattan Toys

1999 LeapPad LeapFrog

2000 Razor scooter Razor

2001 Jumbo Music Block Neurosmith

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