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Stink Blasters Figures

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Jan. 17 -- There's a funky new smell coming to town! Stink Blasters, a product line of 24 collectable figures, trading cards, vehicles and play sets, will make a grand -- if malodorous -- debut at Toy Fair 2003. Smelly but loveable and silent but deadly -- Stink Blasters will definitely charm their way into way into the hearts of boys ... and anyone who still enjoys a good "pull my finger" joke.

The brainchild of Morrison Entertainment Group (MEG), Stink Blasters are figures endowed with their namesake stinks -- from Dog Breath Danny and Sweat Sox Sammy to Tony Anchovy and Rotten Egg Reggie. Just squeeze each Stink Blasters' soft head and the character emits a d'stinktive smell. Figures come packed with a Stink Containment Unit Master Drum for storage, with attached key clip for hooking onto belts and backpacks plus a bonus collectible trading card.

"Stink Blasters is just good old fashioned boys fun," said Joe Morrison, President of MEG. "It's low tech and non-violent with a unique look and a great product feature that makes it something every boy will want. While our target is 6-11 year old boys, we've found that Stink Blasters get a laugh from just about everyone... because most of us probably know a real life stinker of our own!"

Stink Blasters is the first product to put action into collectibles AND activity into trading cards. The lineup includes 24 characters, such as Garbage Truck Chuck and B.O. Brian, divided into six "crews" of friends and enemies. Crews like The Stench Brothers, B.O. Boys and Gasser Guys create formidable partners in good grungy fun.

In addition, 144 Stink Blasters Trading Cards, written in a style reminiscent of Mad Magazine, tell the various stories of all 24 characters with family history, favorite foods, hobbies, mottos, friends and foes and -- of course -- Stink Ratings. Each pack of cards includes one card of double adhesive Stink Stickers so kids can leave a "calling card" in unexpected places. Stink Blasters vehicles and play sets create even more layers of activity and fun.

Collect the characters, build the crews, trade the cards and have a blast! The fun is endless with the Stink Blasters sensation. Each Stink Blasters character is individually blister packed with an anticipated retail price of $4.99.

Stink Blasters have already gained worldwide acceptance with the trade internationally, generating great response in Europe (Italy, UK, Spain, and Germany) as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Morrison Entertainment Group Inc. (MEG) is a Manhattan Beach, California-based product development company, specializing in children's character lines, toys and licenses. Prior to founding MEG, Joe Morrison was executive vice president of marketing at Mattel where he led the team responsible for the HeMan and Masters of the Universe action figures, licensed products, television show and movie.

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