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Lizzie McGuire & Kim Possible Manga

kim possible manga

Los Angeles, CA (December 3, 2002) Leading U.S. manga publisher TOKYOPOP® has announced that it will produce Cine-Manga™ -- full-color books in storyboard format -- for Disney's Lizzie McGuire and Kim Possible. Each will launch as part of TOKYOPOP's developing Cine-Manga™ family, which currently includes Cardcaptors and the forthcoming Akira. The artistic and editorial components of Cine-Manga™ have been described by readers as "watching a favorite movie or series come alive through the pages of a book." A growing number of manga fans are already familiar with the format, but TOKYOPOP aims to further expand its appeal.

"As we continue to develop our exciting products with Disney Publishing, it is TOKYOPOP's goal to take these cherished stories to a new level for manga fans while introducing the Cine-Manga™ art form to a whole new audience," said John Parker, TOKYOPOP's President and COO.

Lizzie McGuire, a Disney Channel original series starring Hilary Duff and Robert Carradine, is all about the ordinary and not-so-ordinary adventures of a junior high student and her two best friends as they try to deal with the ups and downs of school, popularity, boys, parents, a bratty little brother, and life in general. And if Lizzie leaves anything unsaid, you can bet that her cartoon alter-ego will say it for her!

Kim Possible, a half-hour animated comedy/action-adventure that airs on the Disney Channel, features a typical high school girl who happens to save the world from evil villains in her spare time. Kim's ingenuity and tenacity, along with her adventurous friends, helps this girl-next-door turned superhero foil archenemies around the globe. Then, it's back to her family and homework.


TOKYOPOP®, founded in 1996, is the leading North American publisher of manga, the fastest growing category within the publishing business. With exclusive rights to hundreds of book, video and music products, the company has become a media convergence leader. TOKYOPOP has millions of books in print and publishes several hit properties based on popular Cartoon Network and Kids! WB programs. TOKYOPOP titles include Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Initial D, Real Bout High School and Cowboy Bebop, among others. With rapidly growing U.S. demand for its properties, TOKYOPOP is actively expanding into television, film and licensed goods. Additional information about the company and its products can be found on the company's website at www.TOKYOPOP.com.

About Disney Publishing Worldwide

Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) is the largest children's publisher in the world, with 274 children's magazines and 120 million children's books sold each year. DPW publishes books, magazines and continuity programs in 55 languages in 74 countries, reaching more than 100 million readers each month. As a leading creator of print content that engages the imagination, Disney Publishing consistently delivers on a promise of innovation, reliability and quality. Global headquarters are in New York City.

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