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Fox Box Launches in September

Beginning Sept. 14, Saturday morning kids TV takes on a whole new shape...

Introducing... FOX BOX, an excitement-filled Saturday morning kids network from 4Kids Entertainment, the company responsible for some of the biggest names in children's television. The powerhouse behind such mega successes as POKEMON and YU-GI-OH!, 4Kids enters the kids network arena as a company committed to quality programs � and a company that knows what kids like.

Backed by the support of a multi-million dollar tune-in marketing campaign, FOX BOX debuts with an unprecedented commitment to original programming, unmatched by any other kids network. Inside FOX BOX awaits the best in action adventure, fun and surprises -- including such high-profile programming as an all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (launching first quarter, 2003) and an animated series based on the ever-popular video game superstar KIRBY. These exciting programs � combined with an original, non-repeat strategy � will make FOX BOX Saturday morning appointment viewing for kids of all ages.

Supporting the launch of FOX BOX is a comprehensive marketing campaign that combines on-air spots on broadcast and cable television � that will continue to drive tune-in throughout the year. Plus, in the two weeks leading up to the network's launch, leading retailer Toys "R" Us will distribute to one million kids an actual "Fox Box" filled with video sneak peaks and a CD-ROM filled with fun and games that capture the excitement that awaits them with the debut of FOX BOX this Fall.

Complementing the broadcast network is www.FoxBox.tv, offering kids a daily destination for games, show info, movie and video game previews, sweepstakes and all sorts of FOX BOX fun.

This fall, 4Kids Entertainment puts quality original programming and non-stop promotional fun all inside the box... FOX BOX!


Introducing the FOX BOX 2002-03 Season:

9:00-9:30AM: KIRBY
10:00-10:30AM: ULTRAMAN TIGA* (Through Q4-2002)
11:00-11:30AM: KIRBY *

* Note: KIRBY, ULTRAMAN TIGA and ULTIMATE MUSCLE will air non-repeating episodes within each Saturday's FOX BOX.



Action meets education in an animated series based on MGM's successful sci-fi movie and television franchise "Stargate." A portal to the far reaches of the universe, Stargate is trespassed upon by Draga, a mysterious creature escaping a sinister alien race. Now, Stargate Command must get the beguiling Draga back to her home planet while evading capture by sinister alien soldiers as well as bounty hunters from Earth. By weaving scientific facts and lessons into each storyline, STARGATE INFINITY is fully compliant with the FCC Children's Television Act. FOX BOX will supplement the series with in-school study guides. STARGATE INFINITY reunites the team responsible for such acclaimed educational programming as the multi-award-winning "Captain Planet" and "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?," the first Emmy Award-winning FCC-friendly series. (13 episodes)

8:30AM & 9:30AM � non repeating episodes ULTRAMAN TIGA

Everyone has a favorite superhero. But sometimes, when the going gets tough, "super" is just not enough. And that's when you need "ultra" � as in Ultraman � the most popular action hero in Japan for over three decades. Now, FOX BOX brings this proven ratings winner to America in all-new adventures featuring the giant-sized Ultraman and the Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS), a team of super peacekeepers who defend Earth from evil creatures of all shapes and sizes. But even GUTS' advanced weapons and futuristic technology are useless against a new breed of mega-monsters threatening mankind in the year 2049. That's when Ultraman transforms from his human identity to save the day! (52 episodes)

9:00AM & 11:00AM � non repeating episodes KIRBY

Making his broadcast debut is one of most popular kids' characters ever, the video game superstar KIRBY, following hot on the heels of 15 video game hits, including the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee™ for Nintendo Gamecube™. On a dark day in Dream Land, a spacecraft falls from the sky. Inside is a pink, round creature named Kirby. Could this possibly be the legendary hero from the stars here to battle the strange creatures that have suddenly appeared? The villagers sure hope so! Little do they know that Kirby is actually the last of the great Warpstar heroes, and it's his destiny to thwart a much more sinister force working its will through King Dedede. How can the little pink powerhouse stop them? By using his unique copy ability, Kirby takes in his opponents' attacks and gives them back a taste of their own medicine. This distinctive power is the inspiration behind the show's tagline: "Kirby -- Right Back at Ya!" (52 episodes)

9:30AM & 10:30AM � non repeating episodes ULTIMATE MUSCLE

Nothing captures the attention of boys quite like wrestling -- and ULTIMATE MUSCLE is wrestling at its most radical! ULTIMATE MUSCLE pits the powerful but cowardly Kinnikuman in an intergalactic slam-a-rama of fast-paced excitement and far-out fun. With earth threatened by a sinister and oh-so-muscular band of space baddies, an interplanetary cry for help goes out for a hero to fight off these ne'er do-wells. Reluctantly and accidentally answering the call: Kinnikuman, who must somehow find the courage to compete in a wrestling tournament like none before. In the other corner: hundreds of the most diverse and powerful super-wrestlers that the cosmos has to offer. Oh, yeah, the fate of the universe is at stake, of course! Only one outcome's for sure: ULTIMATE MUSCLE will turn up the action and the laughter. (52 episodes)

10:00AM (Beginning 1st Quarter 2003) TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

The billion-dollar phenomenon of the late-80s and early-90s returns first quarter 2003... But no one's ever seen TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (TMNT) animated action like this. Meet the Supreme Green Fightin' Machine in an all-new way! Accidentally mutated by strange glowing green ooze in the sewers of New York City, and trained to become masters of the martial arts, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are ready to do battle with the crazed Shredder and a legion of formidable foes. But if you think you know the TMNT story, think again! With incredible martial arts action, laugh �out-loud humor and the coolest reptiles you're ever going to meet, it's a whole new spin on a television classic. Get ready for the phenomenon to return... Get ready for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! (26 episodes, debuting in the first quarter of 2003)


It's French fries vs. pizza! Spaghetti and meatballs vs. peanut butter and jelly! Pork fried rice vs. chicken chow mein! We're talking rude food with attitude! FIGHTING FOODONS is the wackiest comedy adventure ever. It all starts when the secret art of culinary combat is developed. Foods transform into monsters, and they do battle for more than just good Zagat ratings. But when the world's greatest chefs are kidnapped by the evil Don Cook, a young apprentice sets off to rescue his father by whipping up some kitchen creations of his own. A tasty action adventure with more than a dash of humor and suspense, FIGHTING FOODONS is the perfect recipe -- for fun and outrageousness! Kids will never look at food the same way again. And next time Mom says to finish your dinner, you'd better listen... before it finishes you! (26 episodes)


4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Licensing, the holder of the rights to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, have teamed to produce twenty-six (26) episodes of a new animated TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES television series - all for broadcast exclusively on FOX BOX beginning first quarter 2003.

The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES were created in May 1984 when Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman published a 40-page black-and-white comic book. The original Ninja Turtles animated series debuted in 1987. TMNT was the No. 1 children's television show throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, sparking a massive invasion of TMNT mania that is all ready to burst upon the scene with a whole new generation of fans.

"In reintroducing the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, I am pleased to say that 4Kids will be going back to its comic book roots," said Peter Laird, co-creator of the Turtles. "We anticipate that the new Ninja Turtles series will contain the same irreverent contemporary humor and compelling action sequences that the Turtles are famous for, updated for the 21st century."


KIRBY, Nintendo's pink powerhouse, bounces onto US television airwaves this fall on FOX BOX. Nintendo of America once again is teaming up with 4Kids Entertainment to produce a Kirby animated television series to be broadcast Saturday mornings starting Sept. 14, 2002 on the FOX BOX block programmed by 4Kids.

In the KIRBY cartoon series, the well-rounded video game character uses his famous copy ability to take what his opponents dish out and send it back at them. Kirby's unique power is the inspiration for the show's tagline, "Kirby � Right Back at Ya!" During the course of the series, Kirby will be transformed into Fire Kirby, Sword Kirby, Block Kirby and more.

Kirby, one of the most widely recognized video game characters in the world, has appeared in 15 Nintendo video games to date, including the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee™ for Nintendo GameCube™. More than 20 million Kirby games have been sold worldwide since his debut a decade ago in Kirby's Dream Land® for Nintendo's Game Boy®. Nintendo will launch a new Kirby action game for Game Boy Advance this fall and a Nintendo GameCube™ game is already under development.

"KIRBY's television debut marks the natural progression for a Nintendo character that has remained strong and popular around the world," says Gail Tilden, vice president, network marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. "4Kids' new Saturday morning kids network on Fox, combined with its brand-building, licensing, programming and production expertise, makes it the perfect partner for Kirby. We're tickled pink!"

The KIRBY entertainment initiative originated in Japan under the guidance of Warpstar, a joint venture company formed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. And Hal Laboratories. Warpstar is responsible for developing the Kirby animation series and managing the property worldwide. The television series debuted in October in Japan on the CBC network.


This fall on FOX BOX, the animated action/adventure Stargate Infinity continues the saga of the men and women of Stargate Command as they travel the universe using the extraordinary powers of the mysterious Stargate portals. Stargate Infinity is the story of veteran Stargate explorer Major Gus Bonner and a group of young Air Force Academy cadets. Wrongly accused of treason, they must flee across the universe, pursued by a ferocious new alien enemy. They must find a way to clear their names and to protect the mysterious Draga a strange alien being who may be the key to unlocking the ultimate secrets of the Stargates and of the Ancients who built them.

DIC Entertainment produces STARGATE INFINITY, the kids Saturday morning animation series based on the highly successful Stargate franchise from MGM Studios. STARGATE INFINITY is inspired by the $200 million* grossing 1994 blockbuster film Stargate, and the wildly-popular spin-off live-action television series Stargate SG-1. Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1 just entered its sixth season on the Sci-Fi network. Now the franchise hyper-blasts into totally new universe of adventure with the animated cartoon STARGATE INFINITY.

STARGATE INFINITY is FOX BOX's educational series complying with the FCC's call for more responsible, instructional kids entertainment. STARGATE INFINITY has answered the FCC's mandate with episodes addressing topics of history and science, all the while using the STARGATE INFINITY format to educate as well as entertain. A full licensing program is planned through MGM Consumer Products.

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