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I-Men: DBZ, Robotech, & Hanna-Barbera

July 3, 2002 - Sherman Oaks, California - Toynami is pleased to provide a closer look at its new line of block-style cubular™ mini-figures, the I-Men. What makes the I-Men so unique?
  • Highly articulated cubular figures with dynamic poseability
  • Magnetic feet offer much more flexibility in posing
  • Each I-Men mini-figure comes with a Collector's Coin unique to that character
  • These coins can also be used as a display stand, thanks to the magnetic feature
  • Certain I-Men mini-figures utilize Toynami's patented light-up action, a first in a figure of this size
  • And of course, some of the most exciting characters in animation: Robotech, the Hanna-Barbera Adventure Superstars and, we're now proud to announce, DragonBall Z!

Each series of I-Men is sequentially numbered, encouraging I-Men fans to collect them all. Figures are sold in blister-carded two-packs, containing two cubular figures and two Collector's Coins. The assortments are as follows:

I-Men from Toynami
click to see all the Robotech I-Men

I-Men Series 1: Robotech (Coming late Summer 2002)
001 Rick Hunter's VF-1J
002 Rick Hunter
003 Ben Dixon's VF-1A
004 Ben Dixon
005 Roy Fokker's VF-1S
006 Roy Fokker
007 Max Sterling's VF-1J
008 Max Sterling
009 Miriya's VF-1J
010 Miriya

I-Men from Toynami
click to see all the Hanna Barbera I-Men

I-Men Series 2: Hanna Barbera Adventure Superstars (Coming Fall 2002)
011 Birdman
012 Avenger
013 Dynomutt
014 Blue Falcon
015 Thundarr the Barbarian
016 Princess Ariel
017 Ookla
018 Vapor Man
019 Meteor Man
020 Gravity Girl

I-Men from Toynami
click to see several of the DBZ I-Men

I-Men Series 3: DragonBall Z (Coming late Fall 2002)
021 Goku
022 Super Saiyan Gohan
023 Vegeta
024 Super Saiyan Trunks (Tank Top)
025 Gohan
026 Super Saiyan Goku
027 Trunks
028 Super Saiyan Vegeta
029 Piccolo
030 Super Saiyan Trunks (Armor)

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