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Plush animals comprise a large segment of the Crocodile Hunter toy line - with a wide selection of exotic animals being made. When you squeeze the toy you can hear authentic animal sound effects recorded by Steve Irwin himself.

Each plush animal comes with a CrocTalk Key that enables several of Steve's famous phrases. The CrocTalk Key can also be inserted into the CrocTalk Recorder (see The Crocodile Hunter accessorries section) for added fun and more "secret" animal trivia - making these plush toys not only fun, but educational as well.

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Duckbill Platypus Cus Cus Monkey

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Agro, packaged

Agro, Steve's nemesis, is a gigantic, ultra realistic playably soft croc. Squeeze his belly to activate croc roar. Agro also features snap open jaws and includes a CrocTalk Key that plays some of Steve's famous "crocisms". As with the other plush characters, the CrocTalk Key interacts with the CrocTalk Recorder.
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Agro, loose

n2_plush_komodo.jpg - 24269 Bytes

Komodo Dragon

n2_plush_dingo.jpg - 17272 Bytes

Outback Dingo

n2_plush_diamondback.jpg - 12308 Bytes

Diamondback Rattlesnake

n2_plush_tasdevil.jpg - 12803 Bytes

Tasmanian Devil

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Radio Control Freshwater Croc "Freshie"

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