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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea:
Wave Rider Nemo

Wave Rider Nemo action figure

While Jules Verne's classic '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' never actually mentioned that Captain Nemo enjoyed surfing, that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't an avid surfer years before surfing was cool. That seems to be the premise for Mezco Toyz' Wave Rider Nemo action figure and playset.

Mezco logoThere are two versions of the good captain available from Mezco Toyz - the Cabin Control Nemo (CC) and this Wave Rider Nemo (WR), and both are packaged in oversized boxes that are very heavy on accessories and articulation. Like CC Nemo, this set retails for around $19.99 to $24.99 USD and is sold at a variety of retailers and is recommended for ages eight and up. The packaging doesn't have a 'j-hook' so you may have to look for it on shelves rather than hanging from a peg, but it shouldn't be hard to spot due to both the size and unique shape of the box (which resembles a slightly corroded metal).

The packaging was designed by Design Edge, while Sandy Collora Studios did the sculpting work. Sandy Collora Studios has done a few other items for Mezco, including the CC Nemo and the Reservoir Dogs figures. These two companies are credited on the packaging.

Captain NemoThe figure of Nemo is a completely new sculpt from the one in the CC set, but it shares the same high level of articulation. The face has a pair of goggles sculpted on it, for those times when he may either need to dive or keep the water out of his eyes when cruising at top speed. This includes twisting hands and biceps, ball-jointed shoulders, a twisting neck, waist and thighs along with bending knees, elbows and ankles. There is also a mid-thigh twist that is hidden by the tops of the boots, which rounds out the figure. Along with all this articulation, the sculpted belt has three small cut-outs which allow many of the accessories to be placed on the belt depending on what Nemo's mission may be or just to suit the whims of the owner. He comes with three pouches inserted, but they pop out with a little work to allow the other items to be put on the belt. Some of the joints may seem a little tight due to paint drying in them, so you should use care when first opening the figure and breaking the paint on all the joints.

One area where CC Nemo excelled was accessories, and this is another area where the wave riding version mimics it. Along with the three removable pouches that come on Nemo's belt, there are a variety of things for the captain to use while out on the high seas. For repair work, he has a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, working pliers and a portable light. For protection, or just a little hunting to find dinner, he has a large harpoon, a four-pointed starfish like throwing star (which looks similar to the glaive weapon from the movie 'Krull'), a knife and sheath, and a spear gun with a removable spear. He also has a mesh bag that is highlighted in gold and has a drawstring that can be used to carry around all his gear. He also has a pair of binoculars, a pair of flippers and an aqua-lung that has a breather which fits perfectly over his mouth and nose for when he makes submerged trips. All of the accessories are sculpted to have a very nautical feel that you just don't get from watching 'Old Navy' commercials. Some of the tool handles look as if they were made with shells and the spear gun is shaped like a ray. The knife has shells molded on the handle and looks like a large shark's tooth for the blade, while the binoculars have a squid on it. It is very clear that a lot of thought and work went into the look and feel of these accessories and they can all either be held or attached to the belt.

Captain Nemo's rayHow could this be wave rider Nemo without something to ride the waves? Well, it wouldn't be except for the inclusion of the large ray-shaped wave rider. The wave rider's wingspan is around a foot and from tip to tail it is about fourteen inches. It is sculpted to look like a large ray that ran afoul of Star Trek's 'borg' and was turned into a mix of technology and organics. There are several hoses attached here and there and a rein for steering the beast. The back of the vehicle has multiple pegs so that Nemo may be posed in several positions on it whether he is cruising with the pedal to the metal, or has just stopped to do some fishing or sight-seeing. While the bottom of the rider has fins and can't stay stable, it comes complete with a small stand that it can be placed upon. It is painted to look like surf and sea (with a sea mammal cresting right before it) and holds the vehicle with Nemo very nicely, and keeps it at a slight angle. For anyone who likes to take their toys into the water, the ray also floats.

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