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Stan Winston Creatures

Stan Winston action figure

Stan Winston is a living legend in Hollywood, having earned that reputation by creating some of the most memorable creatures on the big screen. Among his work are the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, the Terminator, the Predator, the Queen Alien from Aliens, and the Gorgonites and Commandos of Small Soldiers.

In 2001, this experience was translated into the toy industry - Stan Winston Creatures is a toy company producing action figures which are made under Stan Winston's supervision by the same artists who work in Stan Winston Studios to create creatures for movies.

The first series of action figures was Creature Features, which was released in 2001. These were based on characters from the feature film series of the same name. (The movies aired on Cinemax and HBO.) The five figures in the Creature Features line are:

  • Quentin (Earth vs. the Spider)
  • Queen of the Lair (War of the Colossal Beast)
  • Teenage Caveman (Future Mutant)
  • The Creature (Day the World Ended)
  • Evilution Demon (How to Make a Monster)

Each Creature Features action figure is packaged with a character-specific CD that is reminiscent of the "extras" on a DVD. On each CD is a short video clip of Stan Winston introducing the action figure and explaining how it was made and a bit about the movie upon which it is based. The CDs also have biographies of Stan Winston and the artists involved in making each figure, pictures of the Creature Features figures (which can be rotated to see all sides of the figures), a photo gallery of the action figure in development, and previews of several upcoming action figure series.

The second series is Realm of the Claw, which will be released in January/February 2002. These figures are based on a story of good versus evil, taking place in an animal kingdom. Four of the six figures have 20 points of articulation, with the two female figures having 12 points. All six come with a spare head - one head has a "plain" face and one head has a "combat" face. Rather than having a CD, each Realm of the Claw action figure comes with a trading card that gives a bio for the character and a password to access a character-specific section of www.stanwinstoncreatures.com. (These sections on the web site are similar to the CDs for the Creature Features figures, with a short video about the figure and bio information about the artists.) The web site features an online comic book telling the "origin story" for the Realm of the Claw.

  • main hero against the evil
  • 20 points of articulation
  • attired in battle gear
  • comes with battle axe and shield


  • wise elder, leader of the forces of good
  • 20 points of articulation
  • attired in cloak
  • comes with two spears and two daggers
  • stands on a ruined temple


  • evil leader of the dark forces
  • 20 points of articulation
  • armed with bone spear and "knuckle duster dagger"
  • base includes chained pet viper and scattered bones of his enemies


  • Tswana's evil brother, follower of Sabry
  • 20 points of articulation
  • armed with spear, lance, and bone-handled dagger
  • base is a tree branch


  • fights for the forces of good
  • 12 points of articulation
  • armed with two spears
  • base features rock outcropping base


  • evil sister of Kaela
  • 12 points of articulation
  • armed with cutlass and two broad swords
  • base features Beast lords temple

Three other series of action figures will follow in 2002: Mutant Earth, Extreme Gargoyles, and Blood Wolves.

The Creature Features and Realm of the Claw action figures are exclusives to Toys'R'Us and retail for $14.99 USD each. You can also get them via the Toys'R'Us presence on Amazon.com.

Click on a picture to see more pictures of that action figure.

Evilution DemonThe Evilution Demon action figure in the Creature Features series is based on the movie's video game character who brings himself to life in the "real" world. His base reflects his origins - he is literally stepping out of the ruins of a computer. The Demon has the following articulation: head twist, left bicep twist, left wrist, right bicep twist, right wrist, waist, and both hips.

The Demon figure has multiple paint applications which show great attention to detail, such as on the red and blue wires on his arms, knees, and torso. The tatters of clothing on the Demon are a flexible rubbery material.

SabyrSabyr is the leader of the evil forces in the Realm of the Claw, and his action figure reflects the fierce strength that is implied by his role. Sabyr's base is sculpted to appear as cracked earth, with bones scattered on it. His pet snake, molded to the base, rises up as if to strike. The snake would be a bit more menacing if it was not held in check by the chain attached to its neck. (The chain fits a hook on Sabyr's belt.) In addition to his two weapons (spear and dagger) and his extra head, Sabyr has a skull which adds to the decor of the base. The skull is made from a rubbery material which gives it a creepy feel when handled.

Sabyr has the following articulation: ball jointed neck, ball joints at both shoulders, left bicep twist, twists at both wrists, bend joint on his chest, waist twist, ball joints on both hips, and ankle joints. The ankles twist and have a range of motion that is almost a ball joint. Sabyr's paint applications are detailed, with his tiger stripes giving one the impression that they are tribal tattoos rather than natural stripes on his fur.

Click to see more pictures of Sabyr

Click to see more pictures of the Evilution Demon

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