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Predator Statue

Predator Statue

Science fiction films seem to be a good ground for building film series and merchandising. The obvious 500 lb gorilla is Star Wars, but it is far from the only genre film to build a body of work and give the fans things to collect. The series of Alien films has always been popular along with the two Predator films. For the military fans out there looking for a sculpture of their favorite unmanned reconnaissance drone, keep looking (but buy something from our sponsors!). For fans of the Predator film and the predators themselves, keep reading (though you too may feel free to buy things from our sponsors).

The opening act in the Predator saga was the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, with a small part for Jesse Ventura. The basic story followed a group of mercenaries sent in to rescue some downed airmen in Central America. They soon realize that there is something hunting them on their trip and one by one they are killed as the Predator dispatches them.

Predator Statue

The follow-up was in 1990 with Predator 2, and this time it was set not in a steamy jungle but a concrete one. A new Predator decides to do more hunting but this time picks Los Angeles for some reason, maybe they just like waiting in traffic. Along the way he runs into LAPD's finest in Danny Glover, who trades in his usual co-star Mel Gibson for the Predator. Combine a nasty alien, a cop on the edge, heat and Los Angeles and you have an action movie.

Alien Warrior Statue and Predator Statue
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Big Picture
The two movies contrast somewhat even though at their heart they are both science fiction action movies. Predator has a larger element of suspense and mystery as the creature is kept hidden through most of the movie and is only seen in glimpses until the finale. For the sequel, the tone is more straightforward action without the need to keep the viewer in the dark about the alien. The main reason is that there was enough in the first movie and now it's time to get right to the action and go from there. One thing that was the same for both was that the Predator was played by Kevin Peter Hall. He was also Harry of Harry and the Hendersons, and was the only actor to be in both films, even though Arnold did survive the first one.

The Predator is a member of an alien race that prizes hunting, and is especially fond of collecting trophies. They seem to have a ritualistic society and there are plenty of them. The first movie only shows one, but by the end of the second there are many more, and they respect someone who beats them as they would any great hunter. They wear battle suits designed to give them advantages, such as stealth and vision into many wavelengths of light outside normal human sight. They also have a variety of weapons, plus a small nuclear self-destruct instead of the archaic cyanide capsule in the tooth trick. These guys live and breathe to hunt things down, then kill them, then take a nice shiny skull back for the mantle.

Predator StatueIf you want a trophy for your mantle, look no further than Palisades Toys with their Predator resin statue. If you did look further you would find action figures by McFarlane Toys and Mez-itz by Mezco, but for the moment we will be myopic and stick with the statue.

The statue shows the Predator in the midst of battle with an unseen foe, and the statue is a foot tall, with a large base so you'll need to stake out some display real estate now. The piece is fully detailed and painted, and it comes it two parts - Predator and base. The assembly is easy and requires no skills or glue whatsoever, and that's a big plus for those who are not proficient at assembly. The base of the statue actually has the helmet of the Predator sculpted in it, because he goes helmetless. Clearly, no one is enforcing the helmet law!

Predator Statue

Having aliens and predators duke it out isn't a new concept, and Dark Horse Comics started the trend. They were followed by videogames (recently from Sierra) and there is always the rumor of a movie to show the two squared off. The two species are some of the more interesting ones to appear on the silver screen, and it is only natural to combine the two.

Alien Warrior Statue and Predator StatueProduct designer Ken Lilly has come up with two statues that work independently but can also be displayed a single larger statue, with a predator and an alien locked in mortal combat. Or, as Palisades might say it, Mortal Kombat. The statue certainly stands alone quite well, but the true beauty of it lies in combining it with the previously released Alien statue. The two pieces fit together perfectly and make a striking combination.

Alien Warrior Statue and Predator Statue
See the
Big Picture
Now, here are some words of warning for those who have both statues and want to display them together (and frankly, it seems the only way to keep them if you have both). First, make sure you have lots of space because combined they need some room, out of harms way. Second, you should be very careful when joining the two. The easiest way our test monkey came up with was to join the predator base to the already assembled alien statue and then put the predator figure on its base. You will need to work it a little because the clearances are small and the limbs of the two statues intertwine. Plus, you really wouldn't want to scratch a statue. The result is an awesome display of a future Jerry Springer show with the two onstage after they find out they were both dating E.T.

If you want this statue to match the Alien one, it would be best to use the same sculptors and so it is. SOTA Sculpture and Design created the sculpture, worked on the prototype and paints for the statue. I guess they needed a break from scanning naked adult video stars for action figures. Life can be tough!

Predator Statue

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Where to buy the Predator Statue: This statue is a limited edition of 3,000 and retails in the $75 to $100 USD price range. It is available at trend and specialty stores, as well as various online toy and collectible retailers.

Several such online stores are RTM sponsors AisleSniper.com and Big Bad Toy Store. (Be sure to check the other RTM sponsors, listed on the Shop Center.)

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