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Alien Warrior Statue

Alien Warrior Statue

The first film in the series of Alien movies had just one alien (if you don't count the dead space jockey or the hundreds of eggs), and it isn't until the sequel that it becomes clear the creatures have a social order. In Aliens we find the Alien Queen, and discover that she has many warriors who go forth to defend the hive and find some new fast food for the eggs.

Alien Warrior Statue

The same generic Alien Warrior is the subject of the first statue from Palisades Toys in their line of Alien and Predator busts and statues. Palisades has cultivated the talents of SOTA Design and Sculpture (a noted effects house as well as toy creators) to create an image of terror and power with the warrior descending from a rocky outcropping. SOTA was responsible for the sculpture, paint and prototype for this piece, a role they filled on the prior Alien and Predator mini-busts.

Alien Warrior StatueThis statue is a whopping fourteen inches tall from base to top, though the alien itself is around nine inches tall. The creature is in mid-attack, or about to make a slam-dunk that would make Shaq look like he got cut from a high school team. The statue is designed as part of a set and the base and figure are designed to interlock with a statue of a Predator to create a deadly duel. The Predator statue isn't available yet (it is scheduled for around December 2002), but images of the pair can be seen in this image from Toy Fair 2002, showing how well they work together. The two statues join closer than the picture indicates, and they are slightly apart to show that they are two pieces.

Alien Warrior StatuePossibly the most dreaded three words for any parent or collector are 'some assembly required' and this applies to this statue. In comes packed in the universal packaging material (known as Styrofoam) in three pieces - the alien warrior with a stumpy tail, the base with a tail segment sculpted on it, and the rest of the tail. You can think of it as one of the lizards that can re-grow its tail when it gets cut off, or maybe the development of a tadpole. Ecological discussions aside, the two non-base pieces have metal rods that stick out and can be inserted into the base tail segment to create the final statue. It takes some force to put together, just be careful you don't force it too much or you could damage the piece.

The warrior piece has a peg on the right foot that fits into a slot on the base, to give it better strength and to make sure the figure is aligned properly. After assembly you should pick up the statue only by the base and not by the parts you attached to it. This will prevent depression if you break the statue.

Alien Warrior Statue
See the Big Picture

Even though Palisades Toys is producing this piece, it isn't a toy. That doesn't mean you can't play with it though. You can place on your desk to ward off evil spirits (or paperwork) and the alien's claws make pretty good backscratchers, though the backscratcher cartel strongly recommends you buy an official backscratcher. Or else.

Alien Warrior Statue

The statue (and the companion Predator statue) is limited to a run of 3000 pieces each, though there is a misprint on the base that lists the run as 2000. Each piece is numbered.

Alien Warrior Statue

More Pictures of the Alien Warrior

Where to buy the Alien Warrior Statue: This statue retails in the $75 to $100 USD price range. It is available at trend and specialty stores, as well as various online toy and collectible retailers.

Several such online stores are RTM sponsors AisleSniper.com and Big Bad Toy Store. (Be sure to check the other RTM sponsors, listed on the Shop Center.)

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