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Silver Age Beast Statue

Silver Age Beast Statue

Growing up is hard on most kids, especially when they are just a little different and stand out. Puberty brings on changes like a deeper voice and more hair, and for young Henry McCoy puberty brought on a few more changes. As a child he already had signs that he was different and as he reached adulthood his mutant heritage became more obvious.

Silver Age Beast Statue

Hank McCoy's father was exposed to radiation from a nuclear power plant incident, most likely in Illinois where Hank grew up since it has an abundance of these plants. The effects on Hank were that he has abnormally large hands, feet and... shoes. He also possesses outstanding athletic abilities that made him a football star and attracted the interests of Professor Charles Xavier.

Silver Age Beast Statue
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In addition to his world-class abilities as an athlete Hank possesses a world-class melon with a sharp mind and witty mouth. Eventually he earned a Ph.D and is one of the foremost biochemists in the Marvel Universe as well as earning the title 'King Shoe'. He mutant moniker is Beast, in stark contrast to his rhapsodical ramblings. Over the years his appearance has changed not just from uniform updates but from plenty of hair growth. That resulted in furry blue beast for time, though his appearance has changed from that to his more human one over the years. Through it all he's had the prodigious pedals and formidable fingers (though for some they are dread digits).

Silver Age Beast StatueThe version of the battling Beast chosen for this medium statue is the Silver Age version, which matches the companion Cyclops statue rather well. The next statue in the series is Angel, and then Marvel Girl and Iceman to round out the quintet. All five statues are designed to be displayed together as a large diorama, but they can also be displayed alone if you don't want the entire team. Each statue was sculpted by Rudy Garcia, so they all have the same artistic look to them and they are done around the same scale so they display well together. Across the front of the statues there is a silver age X-Men logo and a letter (or hyphen) is included with each statue that is removable, so if you get them all you can put the logo or not, depending on your tastes.

Silver Age Beast Statue

Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles is doing the honors on producing this statue after Jack Kirby and Stan Lee did the honors on creating the bashful Beast way back for the first issue of X-Men (originally to be called 'The Mutants'). To help out on production of the series of statues there is a literal cast of thousands in China. They packed them all in colorful boxes, put in full-color certificates of authenticity (with Rudy Garcia's signature) and limited to 3000 pieces. Coincidentally, there are 3000 Cyclops statues, so they are keeping pace.

Now peruse the fine photos of the statuesque sensation!

Silver Age Beast Statue

More Pictures of Beast

Where to buy the Silver Age Beast Statue: This statue is a limited edition of 3,000, and it retails in the $75 USD price range. It is available at comic book stores, as well as at various online toy and collectible retailers.

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