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Race Hauler Set
  • Ertl released the Race Set as part of its Wrangler line
  • The set is includes the Wrangler T-Bird Stocker, acomplete set of pit-stop accessories, and, according to the 1983 dealer catalog, a "Dale Ernhart" [sic] action figure.
  • Note that the set includes the same figure used on page 4 of the 1983 catalog for the Fall Guy set.
  • The released box does not seem to indicate that the figure is Dale Earnhardt, nor does it seem to resemble him
  • Also, this figure features solid construction, unlike the other figures in the Wrangler line
  • Click here to view page 8 of the catalog.

Back of box

Catalog image

Image credits:
  • Boxed set provided by the E Garlock Earnhardt Collection
  • Catalog image provided by Kevin Austin

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