3 3/4-inch Archives

The Black Hole
Alex Durant
Captain Holland
Charlie Pizer
Hans Reinhart
Harry Booth
Kate McCrae
Old B.O.B.
Laserscope Fighter
American card front American card back
  • The cards were not individualized
  • Figures released in the United States packaged on the blue-logo card shown above
  • Figures released in Canada were released on similar blue-logo cards (shown below), with the addition of the Grand Toys logo and French text
  • Figures released in Italy were all packaged on the yellow-logo card shown below
  • The Italian card back shows the four characters from the second release
  • Like Star Trek card backs, the Black Hole card backs show photos from the movie, not action figures
  • In the U.S., Sentry was relesed on the blue-logo card with the back showing only the first 8 characters
Canadian card front Canadian card back

Italian card front Italian card back
Image credits:
  • American blue-logo carded Reinhart and eight-character card back provided by Lord Guilbeaux
  • Italian yellow-logo carded Maximillian and 12-character card back provided by Jasper McCrea
  • Canadian blue-logo carded Holland and eight-character card back provided by "Anonymous U.K. Collector"

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