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The text and images for this "Black Hole Laserscope Fighter" page have been provided by Paul Levesque, and are used here by permission.

laserscope fighter with box

The Laserscope Fighter was only available in Italy and is the only confirmed ship to be released for use with the Black Hole line of 3 3/4-inch action figures. It is identical to the Buck Rogers Laserscope Fighter released in the US -- the only difference being the stickers.

Features: Laser Fighter with sticker sheet. This ship has a screen in the rear that shows a reflected image of objects that the ship is facing. (Objects can be focussed using the sliding lens under the canopy.) On the sides of the ship are "handles" with fire buttons. One activates a "laser" sound and displays two beams of light on the screen that appear to converge on the "target." The other button activates a red light that is superimposed over the target to simulate an explosion.

Parts List:
Box front. Box rear.
The front and rear of the "Combatimento A Raggi Laser" box. This packaging is almost identical to the Buck Rogers line released in the US. The rear shows the 1st series characters available in action figure form. They are: (top row) Dr. Kate McRae, Dr. Hans Reinhardt, Maximillian, VinCENT, (bottom row) Dr. Alex Durant, Captain Dan Holland, Charles Pizer, and Harry Booth.

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