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Cryogenics 101 for the serious collector

The care and storage of action figures can be a painstaking process and there is still
no guarantee that your prized possessions will remain pristine. On the other hand,
there are a great many things you can do to prevent most ware and tear and keep
your figures protected from potential damage.

Weather you're looking to play endlessly with your toys or display them in all of
their glory, there may come a day when you might need a little extra cash and have to
resort to selling off some of your collection to get it.

But who wants to buy a beat-up, grimy-lookin' memory of yester- year, right?
So, you may want to grab a pencil and take a few notes, because what you learn here
will have a major effect on just how "collectible" your toys will be in the future!

 Keeping Track
of It All

Tips on how to make
records of your
toy collection

 Price Tag

Have you ever
of Goo Gone?

Carded Figures

A "how to" guide
on keeping those
card backers minty

Figure Care

How to make your
old toys sparkle
for years to come

 Display Cases
& Shells

A few tips on
how to
"show off"


Getting the most
out of
limited space


If anyone out there in net-land has some toy preservation tips of their own they would like to share, you are cordially invited to contact me (via the link above) and submit their ideas.

If the information is used, they will gain full credit for their contribution! Wow, a chance to spout off some arcane knowledge of a skill and get some limelight to boot? Gotta' love that!

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