Because it's been awhile..Pick your 5 Fav Marvel 6" figures...

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Toy Biz. Hasbro, Legends, Movie Figs, exclusives... it doesn't matter.

BAF figs themselves don't count.

I was looking at my Marvel shelf and it seems a few new ones are really standing out now that I know more about the characters:

1. Long Haired Winter Solider: This is probably the most detailed realistic ML/6" figure I own. Everything aspect of this sculpt is amazing. He looks pissed and ready to get the job done.

2. Marvel Face-Off Masked Captain America: I don't care how old it is, to me, it is still THE best Steve Rogers Cap there is. The unmasked version is equally as cool.

3. Toy Biz Astonishing X-Men Wolverine Unmasked \Version: I don't know why, but I have really become a HUGE Wolverine fan these past 2 years and never realized I had this gem in my collection as well as a 12" version. It is perfect in every way.

4. Hasbro 6" Fantomex: I initially bought him because he just looked cool and reminded me of Storm I really know the character and like him that much more.

5. Toy Biz Spiderman Classics Hobgoblin: I don't think this figure will ever cease to be a favorite of mine. It's a fantastic representation of the Amazing #238 debut.

Runner-up would Hasbro's Bucky Cap figure. It looks awesome, but I actually prefer the look of the 3 3/4" more as it just seems more realistic in that scale with regards to the face sculpt.

The 2pk version of Winter Solider is an example of how good Hasbro face/head sculpts can be if they focus on making it happen.


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You just took 3 of them off my list when you said no BAFs (Galactus, MODOK, and Arnim Zola)

Anyway, I'm gonna bend the rules a little and make the distinction between Toy Biz and Hasbro...just because.

Toy Biz

  1. First Appearance Hulk (Grey - from the Galactus series)
  2. Abomination (non-melted face - from the Onslaught series)
  3. Green Goblin (from the Onslaught series)
  4. First Appearance Iron Man (Silver - from the Mojo series)
  5. Destroyer (from the MODOK series)


  1. Crossbones(from the Ares series)
  2. Kang (from the Ares series)
  3. Daredevil (Yellow, First Appearance - from the Nemesis series)
  4. Astonishing X-Men Beast (from the Nemesis series)
  5. Iron Man (from the Maria Hill 2pk)


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Toybiz: Deadpool
Marvel Select: Avengers Movie Hulk
Hasbro: Galactus
Hasbro: Fin Fang Foom
Marvel Universe: Adam Warlock
(Because I love the character and the figure is decent. I want a repaint though in not so shiny colors.)

Runner Up: Marvel Select Thanos