need info on DCUC and the new Mattel plan

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Hi, I've been away from collecting for a while and I just came back to find that the DCUC as we knew it ended with wave 20. I've done some googling and can't find any recent information about what Mattel has in store for us now with the DC Universe. Can someone please update me on what's going on?

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They're running a mass-retail line called DC Universe All-Stars starting shortly with the first series containing Superboy Prime, Red Robin, New 52 Batman, and New 52 Superman. They previously announced and solicited Larfleeze, Batman Beyond, Flashpoint Plastic-Man (no, seriously), and some others, but later cancelled them. Presumably they'll be put into a later assortment of DC Universe All-Stars.

All obscure/female/big figures are going to be sold exclusively on starting this spring with Jay Garrick Flash, who'll be followed up by Atrocitus, Poison Ivy, some of the Metal Men, and so forth. They sold a Club Infinite Earths subscription for the 2012 Mattycollector figures last year that includes an exclusive Metron with Moebius chair, but that's not available to order anymore.

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thank you!

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The DC sub figures just went up for pre-order on Big Bad (BBTS) yesterday afternoon; sadly, Metron is already sold out, but the other announced figures (save for Platinum with Tin) are up and still available.