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R.A.M.S. Are Headed Your Way From Revell-Monogram

rams_spysporster_1.jpg - 9979 BytesR.A.M.S. is the Rebuildable Action Modeling System coming this summer from Revell-Monogram. Each R.A.M.S. vehicle is a snap together model kit which can be put together in a wide variety of ways. These models are meant to be played with, and feature thicker, more durable plastic than your average model kit. The line pits the heroic R.A.M.S. Squad against the ecological enemy Techno Raiders. The play pattern will be very kid friendly with no person to person conflict, but rather using these amazing vehicles to combat environmental disasters. Also, because of a patented snap-together system developed by Revell-Monogram the kits are appropriate for ages 6 and up, whereas similar kits would normally be for 8 years and older.

The concept for R.A.M.S. was developed entirely in-house at Revell-Monogram, and serves to extend the company into new market segments with the inclusion of action figures in each kit. While the kits will be merchandised in the model aisle of your local retail toy or hobby stores there is bound to be considerable cross-over appeal with action figure collectors. Also, Revell-Monogram is developing an ongoing comic book series that they are publishing themselves, and will be available through comic book stores later in the year.

In the R.A.M.S. line the parts are interchangeable between the various vehicles. Additionally, each vehicle comes with a poseable action figure and an introductory comic book. Six kits will be available in the initial release, with more in the planning stages for 2001.

Stay tuned to RTM for a better look at Revell-Monograms R.A.M.S. coming soon!

R.A.M.S. 4 X Force
Like Dingo, it's super-strong driver, the 4 X Force never avoids trouble it just bursts right through it!

R.A.M.S. Recon Ranger
The Recon Ranger, designed by former RAF field medic and chopper pilot Doc Rock, is an incredible machine that gets the job done.

R.A.M.S. Spy Sportster
The Spy Sportster is the perfect vehicle for intelligence gathering and undercover missions. This 1/24 model kit.

R.A.M.S. Wave Warrior
The fast action Wave Warrior and it's driver Malibu, are the ultimate protectors of the environment.

R.A.M.S. All-Terrain Pain (Techno Raiders)
With this 1/24 scale model kit in your aresenal, you'll be ready for any situation. Includes a Krusher action figure and R.A.M.S. comic book.

R.A.M.S. Vicious Cycle (Techno Raiders)
The Vicious Cycle, driven by the lightening quick Techno-Raider Dart, is a vehicle of environment disruption.

[Updated 5/02/2000]

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