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Justice League on GameBoy Advance

LOS ANGELES - May 14, 2003 (E3 Booth #800, South Hall) - Midway Games Inc., a leading software industry publisher and developer, announced today the highly-rated Kids WB series', Static Shock and Ozzy & Drix, the highly-rated cartoon series as seen on Nickelodeon and the smash hit in the UK, Super Duper Sumos, and Cartoon Network hit and DC Comics' classic Justice League are scheduled to ship for the Game Boy Advance in fall 2003.

"From sumos with big butts to the greatest super heroes of all-time saving the world from a triple threat, Midway's Game Boy Advance line-up is poised to give gamers a fun and unique gaming experience," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway.

About Static Shock

Static Shock, the highly-rated, supercharged Kids WB cartoon series, sky-surfs to the Game Boy Advance. Join the hip action adventures of Virgil Hawkins as he transforms into the electromagnetic teenage super hero, Static. Gamers try to defeat the super villains, such as Hotstreak and The Breed, with Static's superpowers as they sky surf, generate force fields, and throw bolts of lightning. With characters and environments straight from the hit cartoon series, gamers will explore vast, larger-than-life levels.

About Super Duper Sumos

Super Duper Sumos, the highly-rated cartoon series as seen on Nickelodeon and the smash hit in the UK, brings giant buttocks to the Game Boy Advance for the first time. In this fast-paced action adventure, three 18 year-old sumos travel to the modern world with ancient powers to help defend the innocent and assist in battling the evil Ms. Mister and her cohorts. Super-sized heroes in a normal-sized world, the sumos use their special powers - "Gluteus Maximus," "Honorable Thunderball" and the "Sumo Squeeze" - to double in size and destructiveness in order to fight evil. Gamers can choose to play as Boomer, Defender of Peace; Kimo, Defender of Honor; or Mamoo, Defender of Truth.

About Justice League

Based on Justice League, the hit Cartoon Network series and DC Comics favorite super heroes, Justice League brings a new hard-to-beat, "Super Powered" force to the Game Boy Advance. Super villains have unleashed a triple threat for global domination and it's up to the greatest super heroes of all time, the Justice League, to save the world from danger. Justice League provides gamers with an interactive, episodic adventure that simulates the stylistic, animated appeal of the popular series with a new, distinct, dynamic look and feel.

About Ozzy & Drix

The hit cartoon series from the Kids WB, Ozzy & Drix, comes to life on the Game Boy Advance. Gamers embark on a totally contagious, infectious, gross-out adventure with the popular cartoon characters based on the major motion picture Osmosis Jones. Ozzy, a white blood cell "cop" and Drix, his over-the-counter cold pill sidekick, battle infections within the body of Hector Cruz, an average teenager. They're "private eyes" ready to wipe out anything that threatens Hector's health and happiness, such as the common cold, otherwise known as the "Phlegm-alanche." Ozzy & Drix spend their days and nights guiding the "City of Hector" through the dangers, trials and tribulations of adolescence.

Midway Games Inc. is a leading developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment software. Midway videogames are available for play on all major videogame platforms including the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox, Nintendo GameCubeTM and Game Boy® Advance.

For more information about Midway Games visit www.midway.com.

MIDWAY is a registered trademark of Midway Amusement Games, LLC. Game Boy Advance is a trademark of Nintendo. 2001 Nintendo. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

STATIC SHOCK and all related characters and elements are trademarks of DC Comics. © Milestone Media, Inc. Distributed under license by Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

OZZY & DRIX, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros.

JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

SUPER DUPER SUMOS © 2003 DIC Entertainment Corp. Software © 2003 Midway Home Entertainment Inc. All Rights reserved. SUPER DUPER SUMOS, and all related characters, names and indicia are trademarks of and © 2003 DIC Entertainment Corp. Distributed under license by Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

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