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Air Hogs Helicopter

air hogs helicopters

November 2002 - Toronto, ON - Get ready for lift off - Spin Master is set to unveil a flying machine like no other. A real, un-tethered, free flight, soaring, hovering, blows your mind and knock your socks off Radio Controlled Helicopter!

Similar to the extremely popular Intruder Radio-Controlled Airplane, the Air Hogs Helicopter features an on-board computer chip that manages its flight characteristics. This revolutionary Helicopter has been engineered to make flying easy enough for kids of all ages. The key is a new flight system called "Proportional Control", which uses a basic trigger function to regulate altitude and speed. By squeezing the trigger, power circulates to the rotor making the helicopter hover. More pressure and the Helicopter climbs higher into the air, less pressure, less height and speed. With the simplified controls, pilots are now able to make the helicopter soar up to heights of over 100 feet and distances of 300 feet.

"Trying to create this ground-breaking toy and connect all the pieces has been an incredibly difficult task for all involved," says Ben Varadi, Executive Vice-President of Product Development for the Toronto Based Toy Maker. "This Helicopter will easily be the most exciting Radio Controlled toy on the market."

The Air Hogs Helicopter uses a quick charge power system, featuring a landing pad appearance, and a fueling hose nozzle, which adds a sense of reality to the charging process. Simply attach the hose to the Helicopter's charging nozzle, wait for the green blinking light charging to stop blinking then commence countdown for take off. Launching the helicopter can be as easy as letting it swirl into the air from your hand or for trained pilots, lifting off the ground is another option.

With two themes to choose from, pilots are now able to fly dangerously heroic rescue missions or top-secret spy missions with the sleekly designed stealth model. The durable body construction enables the helicopter to recover from potentially destructive crashes and return to the sky within minutes.

For outdoor play, the Air Hogs Helicopter will be flying into stores for Fall 2002. In a world where radio controlled helicopters cost upwards of $500 the revolutionary Air Hogs Helicopter's suggested retail price is $69.99.

Spin Master develops, manufactures, markets and distributes its own toy products around the world. Diligent Product Development and Powerhouse Marketing Strategies have created a worldwide reputation for Great Products. Highly recognized for its Creative Vision, Spin Master is one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world. The company has several well-known brands including, AIR HOGS™, METAL MAXX™ and SHRINKY DINKS a registered trademark of K&B Innovations Inc.

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