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Dark Mist: Wizard Game

CORVALLIS, OR--Dec 05, 2001-- Emerald Forest Toys CEO Gene Korienek announced today the release of "Dark Mist(TM)," an interactive CD-Rom game that calls on players to solve logic puzzles to save a good wizard who has been trapped by the mysterious dark mist. The game is set in a stone-walled chamber full of talking animals and strange objects--like a gothic fireplace that burps, coughs and sneezes--that give players clues to saving the wizard.

"Dark Mist players explore a peculiar world and use logic and creativity to conquer obstacles," said Korienek. "This game adds a fresh touch to the puzzles by placing them in a magical world and adding humorous surprises like a fireplace that makes rude noises."

In Dark Mist, players are introduced to the good wizard Professor Hardcastle. Hardcastle has spent a lifetime studying the dark mist, a force that hates goodness and kindness, to discover how to counteract its power. In the game he has gotten too close to the dark mist and become trapped. It's up to the player to rescue the wizard before the dark mist saps his strength. The wizard has left vital information about the dark mist in his chambers, and players must solve puzzles and collect clues that will give them the secrets to conquering the dark mist and freeing the good wizard.

Dark Mist also promotes respect and caring. Characters like the wise owl and the mysterious cat give players clues about using wisdom, courage, knowledge and kindness to overcome the power of the dark mist. Players discover that to save the wizard they must be helpful to the characters they encounter.

"Dark Mist, like the rest of our wizardry toys, helps players use their imagination and inventiveness while reinforcing positive behavior," said Korienek. "No one gets 'killed' in our games. Our toys and games reinforce goodness while promoting creativity."

Dark Mist is the first CD-ROM game in the Emerald Forest Toys line of wizardry toys and games. Emerald Forest Toys developed the game in collaboration with PathWorks Interactive, a multimedia design company. The two companies see a real future for this kind of game and are dedicated to creating more titles that can hopefully make a move, however small, towards making the world a better place for children.

Emerald Forest's other wizardry toys include the Owl Magic(TM) Wand and Owl Magic Orb, embedded-technology toys that let children cast "spells" to create magical behavior in real world objects.


Dark Mist is available online at www.owlmagic.com and in selected specialty stores and toy departments in the northwest United States. The game retails for $14.99.


Emerald Forest Toys designs, develops and distributes interactive "magical" toys and games for children. The toys use a ubiquitous computing model and embedded technology to behave in unexpected ways. The company was founded in 2001 and is a spin-off of 3 Sigma Robotics, a developer of intelligent robotic systems for the aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries. Emerald Forest Toys is headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon. For more information, see the company website at www.eftoys.com.

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