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SimCycle Gamebox: Answer to Flab?

MINDEN, Nev., Nov. 19 -- The health of today's youth is a low point when it comes to assessing the overall healthiness of America's society. Experts say that television, video games, and high-fat, high-carbohydrate diets are the major causes of our kids' problems.

To combat the child health issue that some officials are calling an epidemic, Eloton Inc., developer of interactive exercise equipment, has introduced The SimCycle Gamebox, a compact electronic device that enables consumers to have an effective cardiovascular workout while enjoying the fun and excitement of PC video games.

"Today's parents are in a constant battle with the T.V. and with video games when it comes to getting their kids the exercise they need to lead healthy lives," explain Eloton co-founders Greg House and Ryan Forvilly. "The SimCycle Gamebox brings physical exercise to video games rather than trying to tear the kids away from something they already love."

Hooking up the Gamebox is fast and easy: the consumer simply connects the SimCycle to the small (four-inch by six-inch) Gamebox, which is then plugged into the game port on a Windows-based personal computer. The user can now control the speed of their racecar, fighter jet, or 1st person shooter while physically pedaling the SimCycle and using a standard game pad to control other functions.

Statistics from the American Council on Exercise's Operation FitKids
school fitness programs reflects the poor health of America's children:

  • 40% of kids age 5-8 are sedentary and clinically obese.
  • The same number also have high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • 3/4 of obese teens will remain obese in adulthood.
This could all change with the introduction of the Gamebox.

"Youngsters in our Nation are in the worst shape of any country in the world with the exception of some 3rd World countries because we no longer teach physical education in our schools," says Jim Bush, Pro-Coach and Advisor to the Presidents Council On Physical Fitness. "The SimCycle is a great way to help get these kids back into shape and have FUN while doing it."

The SimCycle Gamebox retails for $79.99 and comes with it's own Eloton game pad. Consumers can order directly from the Eloton Web site, http://www.eloton.com, or call the company's toll-free number, 1-866- eloton1.

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