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Kre-O, Sentinel, Sci-Fi Revoltech Iron Man, Hot Toys Odin at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store

July 27, 2011 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer BigBadToyStore.com has several new items of interest to collectors:


TRANSFORMERS KRE-O CONSTRUCTION TOYS These cool building block kits can be built in either robot or vehicle mode. The bricks are compatible with LEGO bricks and each set comes with at least one mini figure character. The full lineup of all releases arrives tomorrow

MARVEL MASTERWORKS - 16" SENTINEL Sentinel includes a 3.75" Wolverine figure and comes packaged in a window box with fold-open flap. Reserve yours now at $54.99

STAR WARS SAGA COMMEMORATIVE 4-PACKS There are six different Saga 4-packs arriving tomorrow - get the full set for $144.99 or you can grab individual sets at $24.99 each - take a look here

STAR WARS REPUBLIC ATTACK SHUTTLE Another great new release from Hasbro - this large scale ship comes with a Clone Pilot and firing projectiles. Available now at $84.99


SCI-FI REVOLTECH EXCLUSIVE IRON MAN MARK IV This exclusive version of Iron Man is only available in Japan through Figure King magazine, but we have managed to get some for our customers. It comes with alternate hands and energy blasts as well as an energy stand, and is listed at $62.99.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE KEVIN FLYNN 1/6 SCALE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE This Hot Toys figure from "Tron: Legacy" comes with outfits and accessories to make both his light and dark incarnations. It also includes a light-up hexagonal stand and interchangeable hands, and is listed at $144.99, $5 off the MSRP.

ULTIMATE UNISON 12" LUKE SKYWALKER - EPISODE IV VERSION This figure is a result of collaboration between Medicom and Enterbay, two of the best-known Japanese 1/6 scale figure makers. This version of Luke comes with a light-up lightsaber along with his cloth costume and accessories, and it is listed at $289.99, $10 off the MSRP.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE ODIN 1/6 SCALE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE This figure of Anthony Hopkins as the Allfather Odin comes with all manner of accessories to display him in movie scenes. He's got multiple copper armor items, an electroplated Gungnir spear, a cloth outfit with faux-leather details, multiple interchangeable hands and more, and he is listed at $159.99, $10 off the MSRP.

TERMINATOR COLLECTION 7" FIGURE SERIES 01 - CASE, SET, SINGLES NECA's new assortment of Terminator figures includes the T-800 Endoskeleton, the T-800 Tech-Noir Cyborg and the T-1000 Motorcycle Cop. We have them listed as a set of 3 for $44.99 ($9 off the MSRP), and also as a case of 14 (5 Tech-Noir, 5 T-1000, 4 Endoskeleton) for $189.99, $60 off the MSRP. Finally, we also have singles available of the T-1000 Motorcycle Cop and the T-800 Tech-Noir, priced at $15.99 each ($2 each off the MSRP).

HALO: REACH SERIES 04 - FIGURES, TWO-PACKS This new assortment includes UNSC Marine, Team Blue Male Spartan Mark V, Jorge (Unhelmeted), Grunt Major, Brute Minor and Elite General. We have them listed singly at $11.99 each, or you can get a case of 8 (with 2 Jorge and 2 UNSC Marine) for $89.99. We have also received the new Two-Pack Assortment, which consists of Noble Six & Noble Six Hologram, Spartan Air Assault with 3 Armor Sets (Team Blue), Spartan Grenadier with 3 Armor Sets (Team Red), and either the Spartan Air Assault with 3 Armor Sets (Steel) or Spartan Grenadier with 3 Armor Sets (Steel). This case assortment of four is listed at $84.99, and we also have some singles available, priced at $22.99 each.

HALO: REACH SERIES 01 THREE-PACK BOX SETS The three-packs in Series 01 includes Spartan Stalker Three-Pack and Infection Three-Pack. We have them in a case of three (with 2 Infection Three-Packs) for $92.99; we also have some single three-packs, priced at $31.99 each.

HALO: REACH VEHICLE BOX SET SERIES 03 This wave includes the "Pillars of Autumn" and "Forge World" box sets, each with a vehicle and driver. They are available as a case of 2 for $44.99, or singly at $22.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS HUMAN ALLIANCE BASIC SERIES 02 SET, 03 CASE, SET The new releases of this line include the set of Human Alliance Basic Series 02, which includes Autobot Whirl with Major Sparkplug and Tailpipe with Sergeant Noble; this set is listed at $27.99. We also have Series 03 listed - the set of 2 includes Decepticon Dragstrip with Master Disaster and Half-Track with Major Altitude, and is priced at $29.99, while the case includes these two and adds Autobot Whirl with Major Sparkplug and Tailpipe with Sergeant Noble, and is listed at $44.99.

REAL ACTION HEROES (RAH) NAKED 2, MASSIVE 2 FIGURE BODIES Two of the popular Real Action Heroes bodies are now available for use in your collection. We have the Naked 2 and Massive 2 bodies in stock and ready for customizers and more, priced at $44.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS DELUXE MECHTECH SERIES 04 We have also received a new shipment of the Deluxe MechTech Series 04. We have them listed as a set of Cyberfire Bumblebee & Specialist Ratchet, which is priced at $39.99. We also have Cyberfire Bumblebee, Mudflap, Laserbeak, Thundercracker and Jolt, priced at $13.99 - $17.99 each.

GREEN LANTERN BLACKEST NIGHT ATROCITUS BUST The leader of the Red Lanterns is now able to be put on your shelf in bust form. This piece shows him bellowing in anger, and is listed at $59.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.

TRANSFORMERS ALL HAIL MEGATRON COMPLETE HARDCOVER This Hardcover collections all of the parts of the hit storyline, which brought the focus back to Earth and showed the Decepticons taking over after having defeated the Autobots. We have it listed at $59.99, which will save you $15 off of the MSRP.

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 12" FIGURES We have received a small shipment of Tekken Tag 12" figures at a great price, and are passing the savings along to you. The assortment includes Forrest Law, Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama and Lei Wulong, and we have them priced at $14.99, half of the MSRP.

UNIMAX 1/18 SCALE ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD - SET, SINGLES The new assortment of 3.75" Assassin's Creed Brotherhood figures has arrived. The set of 6 includes Ezio, Cesare Borgia, the Doctor, Da Vinci, the Harlequin and Machiavelli, and is listed at $59.99. We also have singles available of Ezio and Cesare, priced at $9.99 each.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES Our shipment of Arkham Asylum Series 01 figures has finally arrived. We have the set of 4 (Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Batman) available for $64.99, saving you $11 off the MSRP. We also have singles remaining of Scarecrow and Batman, priced at $16.99 and $17.99 respectively. We are also expecting another shipment, so keep your eye out for a restock soon.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS 2011 CLASS I SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES These new Star Wars Transformers are about the size of Basic or Scout Transformers, with great-looking vehicle and mech modes. Series 01 includes General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and we have them listed as a set of three for $27.99, and singly at $9.99 each.

CAPTAIN AMERICA ADULT 23" DELUXE METAL SHIELD This piece is the perfect way to finish off your Captain America costume, or just to add to your collection. We have this shield listed at $64.99.

DC MINI MEZ-ITZ TWO-PACKS SERIES 01 SET This set of two-packs includes Batman & Joker, Green Lantern Hal Jordan & Sinestro, and Superman & Mongul. We have this set listed at 29.99, $6 below the MSRP. We also have single two-packs of Batman & Joker and Green Lantern Hal Jordan & Sinestro, priced at $10.99 each. In addition we have received a shipment of the SDCC2011 Exclusive Wonder Woman Mini Mez-Itz Keychain, which is available for $12.99.

RED SKULL LEGENDARY SCALE BUST Captain America's nemesis is now available as a Legendary Scale bust to join your collection. He stands 12" tall in a cravat with a cigarette and filter hanging from his mouth, and he is listed at $189.99, $10 off the MSRP.

DESERT WEAPONS CACHE WITH SANDSTORM 12" FIGURE ENVIROMENT This figure environment is suited for use with GI Joe Dusty, and includes his coyote Sandstorm, but could also be used by other Joes and Cobra members, or even in a Tatooine display. It measures 15" tall by 6" wide and includes a rounded doorway and a rocket in a case. This piece is listed at $129.99, $10 off the MSRP.

NFL SPORTSPICKS ELITE SERIES 02 - CASE, SINGLES This assortment includes figures like Tony Romo 5, Mark Sanchez 2, Troy Polamalu, Aaron Rodgers, Darren McFadden, and Jared Allen, in addition to possible Collector Level figures. We have the case of 8 figures listed at $89.99; we also have singles available of Jared Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Maurice Jones-Drew, priced at $11.99 each.


DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS SERIES 20 - SET, SINGLES The new wave of DC Universe Classics includes Hooded Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Flash II (White Lantern), Reverse Flash, Hawk Dove and Sinestro in his Corps Uniform (with height fixed). We have them listed as a set of 7 with all of the pieces for the Nekron C-n-C figure, priced at $114.99. We also have all of the figures listed individually, priced at $17.99 each.

BATMAN LEGACY SINGLES SERIES 02 - SET, SINGLES Batman Legacy's second Singles wave is now up for pre-order. We have single listings for Golden Age Batman, Silver Age Batgirl and Modern Age Catman, and they are listed at $17.99 each. We also have them listed as a set of 3, priced at $49.99.

GREEN LANTERN MOVIE MASTERS SERIES 05 - SET, SINGLES The fifth series of Green Lantern Movie Masters figures includes Parallax (who in turn is the base figure for the Parallax Build-A-Figure) and Morro. We have them available as a set of two for $33.99, and singly at $17.99 each.

SCI-FI REVOLTECH WAR MACHINE Kaiyodo's newest Sci-Fi Revoltech figure is War Machine from "Iron Man 2". It comes with switchable hands, 24 points of articulation, gun effect parts and an ammo belt, and we have it listed at $54.99

SSC NORMANDY SHIP REPLICA SR-2 CERBERUS Commander Shephard's new ship from Mass Effect 3 is being made into a piece to go alongside the original Normandy. It is 6" long and includes a display stand, and is listed at $29.99, saving you $5 off of the MSRP.

BIOLLANTE 12" FIGURE X-Plus is releasing a 12" tall version of Godzilla's foe Biollante. This piece is 27" in diameter and has a clear poison gland and moveable jaw; we have it listed at $699.99.

EVANGELION REVOLTECH EVA-06 This new figure of Kaworu's mysterious Evangelion unit comes with a light-up moon and halo background, along with a lance, multiple hands and more. We have it listed at $47.99, and expect it to arrive in September.

MORE SDCC EXCLUSIVES We have listed a number of new SDCC exclusive items. We have the Predator in Gort Mask at $34.99, the ArtFX+ Stormtrooper Commander Set at $94.99, the MindStyle NBA Playoffs Collectible Figures Box Set at $104.99, and the Stormbreaker Minimates Box Set at $19.99. The link will take you to our list of all our current SDCC 2011 items (and a few previous ones).

ADVENTURE KARTEL - SINGLES, CASE ThreeA's new line of 1/6 scale figures includes TommyRed, HoodZomb in Black, Red and Pink, Ankuo JungleVet, Ankou Johnson, Shadow Penumbra and Shadow Shadow2. We have them available by the case of 12 (two each of TommyRed and the HoodZombs and one each of the others) for $899.99, saving you $180 off the assortment MSRP; we also have some singles available of TommyRed and the HoodZombs, although they are going fast, and they are listed at $89.99 each.

DOCTOR WHO PANDORICA SET The six figures in this set each come with one of the walls of the Pandorica cube, which was previously available only with the CD set
purchase. The assortment includes the Eleventh Doctor, Roman Auton, Screaming Angel, Cyberman Pandorica Guard, Amy Pond and Silurian Warrior, and is listed at $84.99.

DOCTOR WHO THE TIME WARS FAMILY BOARD GAME This new Doctor Who board game has the whole family racing to collect enemies and answering Doctor Who trivia questions. It even includes a game-changing mechanic - the board flip - and is listed at $34.99.

GLADIATOR 1/6 SCALE FIGURES Kaustic Plastik has announced a new line of gladiator figures. Each figure comes with a historically-accurate individual set of weapons and armor, and we have them listed at $99.99 - $109.99 each.

NEW WESTLAND GIFTWARE LISTINGS Westland Giftware has announced a number of new items from their "The Wizard of oz" and Peanuts licenses. They include waterglobes, figurines, trinket boxes, mugs, bookends and more - be sure to check out the new pieces at both menus, found at the link below.

TRANSFORMERS DARKSIDE OPTIMUS PRIME EZ COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE This figure can only be purchased through a Toys R Us Japan Promotion, but we are working to get a supply for our customers. It is a smokey clear figure with red and teal details, and we have it listed at $49.99.


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