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Toy2R Announces 2011 SDCC Plans

toy2r and san diego comic-con

July 2011 - Just a couple of days away from SDCC opening and Toy2R is pleased to announce its lineup for the con in Booth #601 (courtesy of Fugitive Toys):

  • Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh 5 inch Mini Qee debut plus signing event with Scott on Thursday at 1:00 pm in Booth #601.
  • Voltaire's Deady "Big in Japan" 5 inch Mini Qee debut in Booth #601
  • Skelanimals 2.5 inch Qee Artist Collection Series 2 debut plus signing event with Skelanimals creator Mitch Bernall on Friday at 1:00 in Booth #601
  • Advance look at Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qees: The Forgotten and First Mate Nathaniel Vigo prototypes on display
  • Plus lots of customized Qees by artists from across the globe including:
    • Jon-Paul Kaiser, Frank Mysterio, A Little Stranger, Gus Fink, RSIN, Joe Scarano, Grimsheep, Pocket Wookie, William Long, Monsterbot, Lisa Rae Hansen, Sneaky Raccon, Fried Gold Productions, Kim Mayhew, Phil T. Hunter, DrilOne, B.A.L.D., Tony Depew , Lightning Holt, Nicole Gustafsson, Jereme Memming, Misterdarkboy and more!
  • Also advance looks at the new GID Brain Pattern Qees by Emilio Garcia, Toy2R's Visible Qee and more!!

Don't forget to also check out our QEE partners as they debut Toy2R products during the convention as well:
  • October Toys (Booth #4838) - Official debut of Smash Tokyo Toys Atomic Beartank 5" Mini Qee
  • Toy Tokyo (Booth #5437) - Signing with David Horvath on Thursday at 11:30 signing the new Monster Bossy Bear figures!
  • Dark Horse Comics (Booth #2615) - SDCC Exclusive Nerd Domo Qee plus the advance look at the upcoming Snoopy Qee line from Toy2R.

Follow Toy2R on Twitter (@qeebear) during the con for chances to win free goodies!!

See you in sunny San Diego!

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