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SOTA Toys: 2011 SDCC Exclusives

July 2011 - SOTA Toys is proud to announce the Exclusives available during the annual 2011 San Diego Comic Convention will be available on our web store up until the end of the convention. Although nothing ships before we get back from the convention ourselves, you can be assured that you will receive the products you want, without having to wait in line.

Best of all, we're offering free shipping on orders within the continental United States!

Exclusives List

Morrigan & Lilith: The Embrace Resin Statue

Morrigan and Lilith are a Con Exclusive, so you're not going to get them anywhere else.

"Morrigan and Lilith fall, together, in a loose embrace, unaware of how much longer they have together. Will they stay lost in each other's gaze until it is too late? Locked in their embrace, this Comic Convention Exclusive statue freezes in time a moment that Morrigan and Lilith wish to last forever.

This convention exclusive stands approximately 12" from the base to the tip of Lilith's wings, molded in Resin and painted with the utmost attention to detail."

See more about the Dark Stalkers - Morrigan and Lilith Statue here. (New images as of 07/06/2011)

San Diego Comic Con Impulse Pak Pre-Order:

"Order before the San Diego Comic Convention and we'll make sure when we get back to ship you your Okami Keychain and all three of the Comic Con Exclusive Bobble Budds(tm)!

The Okami Keychain is a cute representation of the Okamiden wolf, sized so you can carry it with you wherever you go!

The Bobble Budds(tm) are three gruesome little friends that can watch over you (while you sleep) to prevent infliction of their respective names. *(Bitey prevents bites, Scurvy prevents scurv, and Sneaky prevents sneaks. It's all very scientific.)"

Included in San Diego Comic Con 2011 Impulse Pak (4 pieces total):

  • 1 (one) Bitey - Zombie Bobble Budd(tm)
  • 1 (one) Scurvy - Pirate Bobble Budd(tm)
  • 1 (one) Sneaky - Ninja Bobble Budd(tm)
  • 1 (one) Okami Keychain - Awww, so cute!

See more about the Impulse Pak here.
Check out our newsletter for more info on both of the above items here.

*There is no express or implied warranty that sneaking, biting or scurvy will be prevented by buying these Bobble Budds(tm). Even with these Bobble Budds(tm) in your possession, you may be a victim of sneaking, biting, or scurvy. (Or all three if you are very unlucky.)

Also Available at the San Diego Comic Con 2011: Darksiders, War and Ruin Resin Statue

"War, astride Ruin amid the broken skulls of the fallen of the apocalypse. War and Ruin are lit from below by high intensity LEDs, and Ruin glows with an unholy light through his eyes and the runes and cracks in his skin.

War is the iconic lead character in THQ's blockbuster post-apocalypse title Darksiders, Released 2010. Traversing the broken landscape of post-apocalypse Earth to confront his betrayer, Darksiders follows the travels of our unlikely hero and the carnage he leaves in his wake.

Special Pre-Order available now! We'll be shipping the statue after the San Diego Comic Convention, in the last week of July 2011."

Click here to pre-order the Darksiders War and Ruin Statue.
Click here for more information on the Darksiders War and Ruin Statue.

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